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2022 Best Hairstyles for Round Faces that Better Fit on Women

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The hairstyles for round faces and the faces that are slightly wider where the vertical and horizontal axis measure the same. Faces are also characterized by having the front and small chin while cheekbones are marked and this is not synonymous not be able get how to get an easy and beautiful hairstyle, because, with all the examples that we propose in Ask Hairstyle, as you do not find yours, you will not find him anywhere!

It is recommended for women who have round faces to always use the hair in front of the ears, because if you put them behind you will create an optical illusion of a wider face, with covering the sides of the face you will get a thinner face.

Women with round faces should always comb their hair sideways, in case they want to wear bangs, this should not be very straightforward so that you do not frame the face, even more, the ideal cut for you is medium hair with longer front tips.


Best hairstyles for round faces women:

With the hairstyles in the round-faced girls, we have a single well-defined objective: to lengthen the face a little more so that they do not look very kinky, that’s why we dedicate ourselves to enumerating several hairstyles that thin your face, pay close attention.

Crossed belt hairstyle for round face:

Within the medium length hairstyles, this is a super simple option that goes very well for those who have wavy hair and a round face, all you will need is a thin elastic band without any drawing.

hairstyles for round face
Hairstyles for round face.
  • To start you must split your hair to the side.
  • Divide the upper region in a straight line, approximately at ear height.
  • Start braiding the side with more hair, in case you want to leave bangs in the front you should split it into two equal hair ends, but it is not necessary.
  • You take a small portion of hair and roll it twice on the elastic band.
  • Before giving the third round, you must add more hair to the strand that was in the direction of your face and you go back two more turns, so on until you reach the height of the ear.
  • Repeat the procedure on the other side and go.

A quick way to comb your hair without any utensils, the good thing about this hairstyle for a round face is that it covers the ears which give your face a thinner look.

The knot belt hairstyle for round faces:

This is another style that goes well with girls who have wavy hair, it consists of a knotted headband that will give your mane a casual look.

You must take the front section of your hair, making a line at the height of the ear, on the other hand, you must make a line on the side that you prefer!

You start from the top down, take two strands of hair and make a knot, repeat this procedure 3 times that a knot is left next to each other.

hairstyles for round faces
Best hairstyle for round face.

For the following knots, you take the remaining hair from the first knot you made:

  • In order not to spoil the work, you must pass the tufts of the first knot under the other two that you had already done, this is done because there is little hair in the section near the ears.
  • Repeat the procedure until you reach the ear and secure it with a fork.
  • Finally, open the knots a little with your fingers and that’s it, a dazzling headband.

This is a simple way to comb your hair in the morning when you rush to school or work, you shouldn’t need more tools than a hairpin and your fingers to do this job, this hairstyle also suits short hair girls.

Braid to the side, Hairstyle for simple round face

It is a super simple hairstyle for a round face that you will do only on one side of your face, you can use for the newspaper especially in those days that you do not know what to do with your hair.

simple hairstyle for round face
Hairstyle for simple round face.
  • First, you should split your hair to the side, but using a diagonal line, to the crown section.
  • Start by weaving a French braid, but this time you will feed the ends with hair from the upper area only, adding strands to the center of the braid.
  • When you reach the end of the line continue weaving the braid, but without adding more hair.
  • You let go of your hair and voila, you have a beautiful ornament on your hair that may be a little hidden, but that everyone will notice.

This hairstyle looks phenomenal in girls who have straight hair, in the wavy too, but if you have well-marked curls it will not have the same effect.

Hairstyle for the round face of hale pigtail of thick braids step by step

This is an easy hairstyle for round faces in which you will only braid the top of the head, if you have bangs you will look even better, the important thing to achieve the effect of thinning on the face is that there is the hair covering the ears, for the half ponytail leave hair on top of them.


  • Take the upper section of the hair and roll it in a bun, all the hair that you are not going to use, tie it with a ponytail.
  • Then release the hair from the top and divide it with a middle parting.
  • On the side that you prefer, start knitting a common French braid, feeding with hair from the top.
  • When you have woven half of the hair, secure it with a garter and repeat the procedure on the other side.
  • Finally, join the two braids with a garter and cover it with your hair, then remove all the braids’ ties.

It is a completely different and casual semi collected hairstyle that you can use for any occasion, also, it does not take you any time to do it because its elaboration is very easy, if you have banged it emphasizes the thin form on your face better, what you need for this hairstyle are a few guitars and your fingers in action.

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