Top Go-to Hairstyles for College

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Many colleges do not limit the hairstyles of their students. The experimental age for these students leaves them at liberty to try whichever style fits their head. The styles will also change from day to day based on mood, the activity of the day, the season, and personal preference. 

The hairstyle you choose will define your image while also affecting your college experience. One style may require you to spend hours in front of the mirror each morning while another can be straightened on your way to class. Before looking at different styles, what should guide your choice of hairstyle? Here are a few insights. 

  • The activity of the day – what activities have you lined up for the day of the week? Are you traveling for a symposium or will you spend the entire week in class? You can get McGraw Hill Connect answers online and create time for a more active college experience. Official engagements like making a presentation or attending an interview require formal hair. A relaxed schedule gives you more leeway when picking the right hairstyle. Pick a style that will allow you to effectively execute the mission of the week. 
  • Season of the year- the weather, activities, and mood through the seasons of the year affect hairstyles. A rainy season requires people to cover their heads. It would be futile to use pronounced hairstyles. Spring and summer on the other hand come with a relaxed feeling. You will want to feel the wind blowing through your hair. The activities of the season will also dictate the most comfortable style. 
  • Your hair type- some people have long hair while others have short hair. Some hair types are easy for styling. Other people would require extensions, weaves, and wigs to achieve a particular style. Pick a style that fits your hair and head type naturally to avoid looking like a clown. 
  • Desired image- hairstyles transform your image. Some professions are also associated with particular images. A teacher, doctor, banker, engineer, and such professions are associated with a polished look. Artists and sportsmen have more freedom when dealing with their hair. Pick a hairstyle that will portray the image you wish to desire. 
  • Personal preference- pick a hairstyle that fits your mood and preference at each moment. Understand the implications on your image and comfort. Hairstyles will also depend on your gender. Pick a hairstyle that will package you in the way you desire. 

Here are the best hairstyles for college students. 


Messy Bun 

Messy Bun is for ladies who want to feel sexy and relaxed. It requires you to push the paper to the top of your head and then hold it with a band. It falls downwards from the bun. It is one of the effortless styles for students who don’t want to spend the entire day in front of the mirror. 

Messy Bun pushes your height up. It calls attention to your head but may also remove the hair from your shoulders to expose jewelry like necklaces, chains, or earrings. It gives out a wild personality and is perfect for busy days when you don’t want to bother with the head until evening. 

Double Braids 

Braids are one of the classic yet simple hairstyles. The double braids split your hair into two portions. One thick braid falls onto the right shoulder while the other drops on the left. You may also push the braids to the back. 

Braids are easy to make yet durable. It is also the style for ladies who want to feel girly because of the relaxed feeling that comes with the style. Double braids are also for romantic girls, especially on a date evening. 

Modern Half Up

The hair appears to go up but later falls on the back from the top of your head. It will make you unbelievably cute and sexy. It is also acceptable for official events or presentations. Because it does not fall on your shoulders, you don’t bother with the hair throughout the assignment or presentation. Use a clip or band that does not give you a ponytail appearance. 

Glam Blowout 

Do you have hair that you would like to show off? This is a perfect choice. It flows from the top of your head, down the neck to your shoulders. The Glam Blowout will get you to the covers of magazines in college. Use the style when you need to beat your opponents during a presentation. It announces power and confidence. 


It is the style for winter. It allows you to have a cap or Marvin while the hair flows down your face. It looks as though the hair is forming a fountain through the Marvin. It is for winter or the nights when you need to keep warm. 

A hairstyle will be appropriate based on your hair type, daily activity, and desired image. Choose a hairstyle that will not interfere with your activity or freedom during the day. The hair is a crown that will define your image. Make the right choice. 

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