30 Dazzling Medium Length Hairstyles For Women 2022

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Fortunately, there are tons of medium length hairstyles for women flattering for all textures and colors to choose from. Regardless of whether your hair is thick or thin, silky or afro-textured, curly or straight, you can design your medium-length hairstyles for any occasion. In addition to women’s haircut inspiration, our selection of photos will also inspire you to comb your medium-length hair with bangs, pins, and more. Enjoy!


Medium Length Hairstyles For Women

Medium Length Hairstyles For Women

1. Half Up half-length hairstyles

half up half down hairstyles

If you are in the race but want to join a nice hairstyle, you can move halfway. On this note, medium and medium-length short hairstyles are some of the most popular and practical you can try.

2. Layers and Swept Hairstyles

medium layered haircuts

You can always increase the dynamism of your medium-length locks if you put them in layers. For the style, all you have to do is brush and dry them with a hairdryer, using a little hairspray to keep them in place.

3. Cascade braided half-length hairstyles for women

medium length hairstyles

Braids offer a wide variety of options for women’s hairstyles. For example, this elegant cascading medium braid hairstyle can be used for casual and elegant events alike.

4. Side braids for medium hair

medium length hairstyles with braids
Medium-length hairstyle with braids.

Also, you can always braid your hair to the side if you want a more casual approach to medium-length hairstyles. This fishtail braid is just an example; Feel free to use the braiding technique of your choice.

5. Fishtail hairstyles for medium length hair

fishtail hairstyles for medium hair

Speaking of fishtail braids, they also look impressive in half of the hair down. This medium hairstyle for women is elegant enough for formal events but playful enough to be suitable also for informal attire.

6. Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

They say beauty can be found in simplicity. If you are preparing for one of the most important days of your life, something as simple as a beautiful hair clasp may be enough to make you shine. Slide it aside for a flattering wedding hairstyle.

7. Medium Afro-textured Hairstyles

Medium Afro Hairstyles

Natural hair up to the shoulders is always a joy for the style. If you don’t want to go out completely, you can tame your curls a little and tie two small buns on top.

8. Messy Bun for medium hair

messy bun for medium hair

The messy bun is, without a doubt, one of the most popular hairstyles of recent years. It works for lengths of all kinds, including medium-length hairstyles for the woman. The messier, the better.

9. Medium length bob hairstyle for thick hair

medium length bob hairstyles for thick hair

A long inverted bob haircut is as pretty as a haircut that rarely needs additional style. The subtle cut of a line is enough to make you feel and look radiant.

10. Double Buns

Double Buns
Double Buns For Medium Hair.

Some of our favorite 90s hairstyles are back and booming more than ever. For example, double buns with some loose strands in the front tend medium-length hairstyles.

11. Cute hairstyles for medium length hair easy

Cute hairstyles for medium length hair
Cute hairstyles for medium-length hair.

Another nice way to comb your hair to the shoulders only takes a few minutes. Separate your hair in the middle and create two loose twists on each side. Gather them halfway to a hairstyle you will fall in love with.

12. Casual side braids

easy braids for medium length hair

Instead of twisting your hair from side to side, you can opt for a classic braid similarly. Braid a part or both for a super easy and beautiful hairstyle.

13. Chic updos for medium length hair

medium length hairstyles women

A hairstyle like this is suitable even for the most sophisticated events. From weddings to black-tie parties, an updo with a crown braid will always make you dazzle.

14. Medium blonde hairstyles

medium blonde hairstyles

Creativity is essential to achieve a unique medium length hairstyle for women. For example, you can combine elements from three categories as half up, half down, braids, and buns. After putting a part of your hair together, start with a fishtail braid and end with a knot.

15. Natural hairstyles for medium length hair

hairstyles for medium length hair

Afros are some of the most impressive natural hairstyles for black women that African American women can opt for. Embrace your roots with this beautiful hairstyle and let your hair bounce while you walk.

16. Ponytail hairstyles for medium hair

Ponytail hairstyles

Any classic ponytail hairstyle can go from the basics to the glamor with a little teasing. After tying your hair, pull a little to the sides and up. If you have explosions, adjust them a little and keep joking until you get the volume you are looking for.

17. Medium length easy vintage hairstyles

Medium length easy vintage hairstyles

Retro hairstyles simply shine with femininity. If you want to channel your inner 50s diva, wrap your hair in this impeccable vintage hairstyle perfect for shoulder-length hair.

18. Mixed braids for medium length hair

braids for medium length hair
Braids for medium length hair.

In the photo above you can admire another funky approach to a hairstyle that can be done halfway. Use not one, but two side braids for a crown effect that will make the heads spin.

19. Dance hairstyles for medium length hair

In high school, dancing is the most important social event for girls. After finding the perfect dress and accessories, you also have to find a ready hairstyle. This upside-down French braid and a loose bun are a great way to start.

20. A ponytail with bangs

Bella Thorne shows us how to accentuate bangs very well. A ponytail like this can be used anywhere, thanks to its versatility.

21. Asymmetrical hairstyles

Some of the most popular long heels are asymmetric. Like the long bobbin line, this haircut rarely needs an excessive style to look fabulous.

22. Black hairstyles for medium length hair

Another style of afro texture that stands out among medium length hairstyles for women is this excellent updo. While the wrapping technique beautifully shows the texture of the hair, the beautiful hairband completes the look.

23. Medium length hairstyles for fine hair

Fine hair can be difficult to comb, but not so much when it reaches a medium length. Braids will always work well, regardless of their texture. For example, get some thick braids to form a sweet bun.

24. From braids to pigtails

Can’t you choose between a ponytail and a braid? Use both! All you have to do is separate your hair horizontally back and the French braid up and down. In the middle, join the two braids with a ponytail.

25. Bangs and shoulder-length hair

Straight bangs are often associated with medium-length hairstyles, but what about fringe bangs? This style looks amazing with wavy locks that are approximately shoulder length.

26. Pass through braided hairstyles for medium length thick hair

Although thin hair is generally considered difficult to comb, super thick hair can be so complicated. However, a pull-through braid may be the answer to all your hair problems.

27. Medium length hairstyles with bangs

Side sweep strands are also a good option for shoulder length hair. If your bangs are stylized in this way, you can pull out a beautiful side ponytail.

28. Loose upper knots with bangs

Dirty bangs look equally beautiful when combined with bangs. If you opt for this beautiful hairstyle for girls, we recommend leaving some strands on the sides to increase the messy and chic impact.

29. Dutch braided Chignons

Chignons are part of medium-length hairstyles that provide an endless and effortless style. Make yours a little more interesting with Dutch braids that end in one of these low buns.

30. Easy medium length hairstyles

You can achieve this cute medium-length hairstyle in literally two minutes. Simply French braids your hair on top and grab a tie for a quick and lovely ponytail.

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