5 Steps to Choose a Hairstyle for Rectangular Face

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If you are considering a new hairstyle, it is important to choose one that is appropriate for your face shape. If it is longer than its width, you have a rectangular face. Follow these steps to choose a hairstyle that complements the rectangular face shape and makes you look your best.


How to choose a hairstyle for a rectangular face?

  • Step 1

Look for hairstyles used by other people with rectangular faces. Even if you already have haircut ideas, you want to make sure it looks good on your face before making a salon appointment. Gwyneth Paltrow and Kirstie Alley are two examples of women with rectangular faces.

Gwyneth Paltrow Hairstyle

Kirstie Alley Hairstyle

  • Step 2

Find a haircut that rocks your face. In order to frame your features, consider bangs and/or layers. This will help slim your face.

  • Step 3

Choose a style that uses a side part instead of a center part. Parting hair in the middle exaggerated the length of your face.

  • Step 4

Select a medium-length hairstyle. Avoid those that are very short as well as very long. At shoulder height, it is the best option.

  • Step 5

Whatever hairstyle you select, make sure you are able to style it yourself. Highly intricate styles tend to be difficult to duplicate, and therefore quite unattractive once your comb is unavailable.

Best hairstyles for the rectangle face shape

5 Hair tips for rectangular face shapes

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