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Hairstyles for Fashionable Grannies – Looks with Style and Elegance

Hair is a fundamental aspect in the appearance of a woman, even those of advanced age or grandmothers. Regardless of your age, wearing a flattering cut and the perfect hairstyle will complement the beauty that characterizes each woman. Get inspired by the different grandma hairstyle looks in this selection and continue to look beautiful year after year.


Grandma Hairstyles 2022

Granny hairstyles do not have to be boring and old-fashioned. You can still get the hairstyle you like despite your age. In addition, you can show off your beautiful gray hair, or apply dyes to look as only you decide.

Regardless of your age, you should always look radiant with well-cared and well-groomed hair.

You can make easy grandma hairstyles without special equipment. You will only need the hair tools that you already have at home: a dryer, hairpins, headbands, brush, curling iron, rubber bands, and a little hairspray. Also, no matter if your hair is short or long, there are granny hairstyles to suit every style.

We will show you the 2022 best granny hairstyles, with which you will look beautiful without many complications.

granny hairstyles

Hairstyles for young grannies with a lot of styles

Before combing your hair you must take into account some aspects since a hairstyle for a gala or party will not be the same as for a lunch with friends. You must know yourself and know what suits you and what does not, depending on the style of hair you have.

Age is not an obstacle to a beautiful hairstyle for every occasion.

Before choosing your hairstyle, you should determine your face type. For example, a woman with a square face shape and straight hair are better off with loose and scaled hair, instead of an updo with a high bun.

Another essential factor to consider before doing your hair is your wardrobe. Your look should be complemented by your hairstyle and not the other way around. Your hairstyle should match your outfit, as a super simple and easy hairstyle can go unnoticed at that big event.

Taking all this into account, we can know which grandma hairstyles will best suit your look.

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1. Loose crown

grandma haircuts

This hairstyle is super simple and looks beautiful, as it will give you a sophisticated and casual style at the same time. In addition, with a small headband, you will give the differential touch for a night or day event.

How to make a loose crown?

  • Place an elastic band around the head, preferably about two centimeters from the forehead, since it has to fall to the nape of the neck.
  • Once the band is placed, you begin to roll the hair in it and inwards.
  • Go collecting all your hair to form a kind of crown of beautiful hair.
  • Let some strands loose and mess up a bit to make it look more natural.
  • Throw on a headband for that super fancy touch.

2. Elegant medium hair

grandma hairstyle

Ideal for day or night events, this hairstyle is undoubtedly one of the most elegant among which you can choose. Also, it won’t take you long to do it.

How to do an elegant medium-length hairstyle?

  • Divide all of your hair into sections to make drying easier.
  • Take a round brush and blow-dry each layer of your hair, making sure to comb the ends up.
  • You can wrap your hair in several buns while you finish the rest of the hair.
  • Dry all of your hair in the same way.
  • Comb a portion of your hair to the side and shape it with a rhinestone hairpin.
  • Release the rolls and mess them up a bit with your fingers, especially at the ends.
  • Finally, apply a fixative to make your hairstyle last much longer.

Grandma hairstyles for long hair

Grandma hairstyles for short hair

Trendy grandma haircuts

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