Best Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women 2022

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A fundamental aspect in women’s lives is hair; it is part of the identity of women. It marks the difference between the others while enhancing and exploiting the beauty found in each one.

Women sometimes dream of being the same as celebrities or comparing themselves to them. Still, they should consider that each individual is unique, discover their originality and draw attention to themselves.

However, women often get bored of wearing the same appearance for a long time, or perhaps, a special event awaits them that they want to attend. As a result, it becomes necessary to go to a hairdresser for time to time renewals to maintain hairstyles that are at the top of the latest trends and boost their attractiveness.


Best haircuts for women

When it comes to knowing the best hairstyle for yourself, you must be familiar with your face shape, the type of hair you have, the length of your hair, among other details that will help you find the one that matches your taste and personality.

Guide on how to choose a good haircut?

Choosing the cut that will enhance your appearance and make you feel more comfortable and beautiful can be difficult since everything in fashion is subjective. However, you can use certain techniques to decide which is the cut that will make you look better and feel better.

  • Consider the shape of your facial features, as these could dictate the hairstyle that looks best for you.
  • Don’t be afraid to try many options until you find the best one, there are many different haircuts for women waiting for you, even in this search you can find a few favorites. You will be able to change your style more easily for certain events.
  • You can find a lot of help regarding ideas to suit your face shape in the ” Haircuts according to your face type ” section. There are many factors to choose an ideal haircut, including your hair type.
  • If you have straight hair, there are different types of cuts that look spectacular. However, the same cuts on straight hair may not look as good on curly hair.
  • In addition to the slowness with which they grow, curls need to be even more pampered and cared for with their cuts, since if they are cut more by mistake, can result in a catastrophe.
  • Another tip to know your ideal haircut is to touch it. Yes, you heard right, you have to touch your hair and find out if it is fine or thick hair. This is very important when choosing a haircut, many times you can see a hairstyle on a celebrity with straight hair just like you, but maybe she could have a type of fine hair, unlike you and without knowing you try the same cut, resulting in disaster. The same goes for thick and thin curly hair. Not all cuts work on different hair.

If you want to look like a celebrity, you have to make sure they have the same characteristics as you. A similar face shape, similar hair type and you will see that your results are what you want, or come close to it.

If you feel somewhere in between, you can always take photos so that you can decide which haircut suits you and which one accentuates your features the most.

With our collection of various hairstyles, you can get to know your hairstyle better and make wise choices so that your end result will be fabulous.

Modern hair cuts 2021

The most popular hairstyles, from colors to cuts, are renewed year after year, but all start from the classic styles to create variations. Sometimes the trend is for very long cuts and other times for short ones. It only depends on the societal dynamics.

For short hair above the cheeks, you can achieve a more delicate look with a Pixie cut, or go to the extreme and achieve a rebellious look.

To achieve a shorter haircut below the chin, Bob cuts are available in different lengths.

Layered cuts can be used on both medium and long hair, adjusting to the qualities of each woman.

Haircuts according to hair type

We can choose a haircut by first identifying the type of shape that it has, ranging from straight hair to curly hair, these are key factors to consider when deciding. They determine the potential in which you can arrive with each cut, so do not leave it out!

Additionally, the texture plays a very important role, if your hair is thin or thick you will want a cut that gives us volume or otherwise take the weight off, according to what you need.

Choosing a hairstyle that strengthens the shape and texture will reduce the time we need to spend fixing it, avoiding the use of excessive heat or chemical instruments.

Straight hair

It is one of the most desired types of manes by most women as well as providing elegance. On the negative side, it does not have much movement or volume, making it flat and boring to anyone that wears it.

If you have straight hair, you should go for haircuts that make it appear as if you have more hair. This type of hair also needs frequent washing due to the tendency that the roots tend to be greasy.

Short straight haircuts

short straight haircuts

A Pixie cut looks great on straight hair, if you would like it to have a more feminine style, you can widen the fringe or generate asymmetries in the hair at the top.

The length of the hair at the bottom will ultimately depend a lot on the effect that you want to achieve, the longer it is, the more rough an effect it will have. The bangs will make the biggest difference.

Medium straight haircuts

Medium Straight Haircuts

With medium-length hair, the ideal cut for volume is the Bob, which can be cut from a classic to an asymmetrical style. However, it must remain long enough to envelop the entire shoulder to protect its form.

Another way to boost volume by adding low layers would be to create an asymmetrical pattern, which would enable the ends to move more freely.

Playing with the length is another option, leaving the longer front part progressively tapering until the back of the hair is shorter.

Long straight haircuts

Long Straight Haircuts

A layered haircut gives the hair movement. You can wear layers in the front, varying the length. The length of longer strands will depend on what works best for your face.

With long straight hair, cuts tend to focus on giving the front side greater movement, so it is the focal point of the haircut.

They are perfect for the subtle and modern style they give in the front, with the locks going from long to short.

What is the most popular haircut?

The most popular haircuts for women are these:

popular haircuts for women
Popular haircuts for women:
  • Chin-length layered bob
  • Short beachy waves
  • Long deep side part
  • Pixie cut
  • Sharp A-line bob
  • Rounded Bob with long bangs
  • Short layered bob
  • Shoulder length shag
  • Natural curls
  • Textured bob for older women
  • french bob
  • short bob

Best women haircuts by face type

Before choosing any type of women’s haircuts, you need to define your personality type, and the care you give your hair.

For example, if you are very careful and maintain a beauty routine for the care of your hair, your best option is asymmetrical haircuts, V-cut haircuts, or haircuts with fringe. With this type of cut, you can stand out at the next meeting with your friends and family!

In the case, that you are a little more flexible with haircare, we recommend short haircuts for women. In this way it will not be necessary to comb it so much, to look radiant and fabulous on any occasion.

Haircuts for round faces

Among the most used round face women haircuts, are the following:

Carre haircut

best haircuts for women
Best haircuts for women.

This is the typical french haircut for girls, where the hair reaches shoulder height, combined with very thick and perfectly cut bangs. It is perfect for all those women who have an oval or triangular face. With this youthful haircut for women, you can wear a new style and be fashionable.

Boho chic haircut

medium haircuts for women

It is one of the women’s haircuts for each round that adapts perfectly to curly and straight hairs. It is perfect for all those women who seek to innovate their look without cutting their hair a lot. He manages to express a unique bohemian hairstyle.

Shag haircut women

women's haircut
Shag women haircut.

This beautiful women’s hair cut was a trend in the 70s and 80s. Its name refers to a carefree and unkempt style. It is perfect to make all those women with a round faces look very sexy.

For a “round” typeface like that of actress Cameron Diaz, a cut in layers and with some volume to lengthening it is also recommended, a medium or long length would be recommended, not to the middle and if a few strands slightly irregular haircut with bangs instead of a thick and straight cut.

Haircuts for oval face

Haircut for oval face
Haircut for oval face.

If you have an oval face, you have been favoured with what is considered the ideal form, for you have no recommendations, choose the haircut and length that you like and enjoy.

Haircuts for inverted triangular face

triangle face shape hairstyles
Triangle faces shape hairstyles.

If yours is one of those face shapes cheekbones and chin tuned like Reese Witherspoon, wearing a cut hair in layers in the front with defined strands, not parted in the middle, take it slightly to one side to avoid that the features are marked more, the medium to long length are the most flattering.

Square face haircut

short haircuts for square faces
Short haircut for square faces.

The “square face shape” type like Salma Hayek’s face can be favored by wearing medium to long hair with some curls and waves, eyebrow bangs would be convenient or encourage a haircut with good bangs marked towards aside.

Check out this video for how to determine what is your face shape?

Haircut for long face

best haircut for long face
Best haircut for long face.

You should get with the haircut, appear wider, give the feeling that the sides are more volume. For this case the chin height cut is the most flattering, also take it a little longer with tufts that frame the face. You have to use some soft waves to create the volume, as we can see in Sara Jessica Parker’s long and short hairstyles.

What women’s haircuts are trending now?

There are different haircuts that are fashionable. Everything will depend on the style with which you define, and the way you want to give your hair.

Among the haircuts trend in 2020 and that will remain in trend all 2021, are the following:

Pixie haircut for women

Pixie haircut for women
Pixie haircuts for women.

It is one of the fashionable girly haircuts worn by those daring girls. Being a very versatile cut, since it is presented with a wet look with a mohawk-style mini crest, it is perfect to highlight the personality of those who have the decision to wear it.

Midi mane

Midi mane haircut

Despite being a look that has a lot of time, it is still seen among the stars of Hollywood. For long and short hair, you don’t have to cut much when it comes to this women’s haircut. At first glance, you can see that it is very versatile.

One of the highlights of this medium-length haircut is that it adapts easily to all face types. This means that it doesn’t matter if you have an elongated, oval, or round face, using the midi mane you can look beautiful and sexy at the same time.

Asymmetric haircut

Asymmetric haircut
Asymmetric haircut

This haircut degraded, allow to mix different lengths of hair perfectly. It is a cut that includes bangs, and that goes to the side of the head. It is perfect to give the sensation of a thin and elongated face.

2021 short hairstyles for women

Fashion in hairstyles varies as the years go by. For 2021, the trendy hairstyles for women are the following:

Long bob hairstyle

Long bob haircut
Long bob haircut.

It is a bob hairstyle that reaches the height of the clavicle. In this type of faded haircut, the hair barely exceeds the shoulders of women. It is characterized by being very comfortable and versatile to wear. Being very stylized can highlight your sexy side immediately.

Swag Haircut

Swag Haircut
Swag Haircut.

Another shoulder-length hairstyle for women that are fashionable in 2021, is the Swag hairstyle. In this hair cut, the bangs are the main part, and which must be given greater importance. It is a style with which you can play a lot and is perfect for different types of faces.

Wob haircut

Wob haircut
Wob haircut.

Also known as wavy bob cut, these famous haircuts have been widely used at the beginning of the year. Celebrities such as Kristen Stewart, Jenniffer Lawrence, and Emma Stone have opted for these haircuts with bangs.

It is a medium hairstyle, ideal for those women who have fine hair and seek to take off some years with a haircut that gives volume.

Popular haircuts for women

Among the 2021 most popular women’s haircuts according to your face, curly hairstyles, wavy haircuts, side haircuts, and bangs. Depending on your style, you can choose between those options to highlight your beauty with a new look.

Modern haircuts for women

short haircuts for women

hairstyles 2020 female medium length

haircut styles womens

haircut for women

hair cutting style for female

2019 haircuts female

2020 haircuts female

Haircuts for women over 40

Here are some haircut ideas for women over 40:

hairstyles for older women

haircuts for women of 40

hairstyles for over 40

Hairstyles for women over 50

Mature women are no longer relegated to wearing short hair or typical hairstyles for 50-year-old ladies. Now, this group of women claims their natural right to make their own decisions; and they claim hairstyles as daring and attractive as those of Sharon Stone and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Over the years, the hair loses elasticity, becomes thinner, more sensitive, and needs more care and hydration. Short hair needs less attention and does not reveal as much over time. However, with proper care and styling, women over 50 can wear long hair and look their best. Curly perms with short grey hair are now more than a norm, an exception, and of course, white hair can also be very modern.

How fast times change! The hairstyles of women over 50 today are like those of younger girls. They want to be as good as possible. For some, this means wearing long hair, or at least not a typical 50-year-old woman’s short hair.

Attractive hairstyles

Sharon Stone (born 1958) wears blonde hair by the shoulders with a bold and full-bodied hairstyle for a 50-year-old woman. The soft hair color she wears favors her because it fits her complexion perfectly. The actress expresses her modern attitude taking advantage of the current trend of the two tones. Sharon Stone is over 50 years old and has the same two-tone hairstyle as the younger stars. The visibly dark roots give it a very rejuvenating casual look.

Sharon Stone with two-tone hair
Sharon Stone with two-tone hair

Sharon Stone’s other hairstyles: On other occasions, the actress dries her hair with a round brush combing the ends inward. The actress also likes to wear beach waves or casual bows with the stripe in the middle or side.

Meryl Streep (born 1949) knows how to play with her style for a rejuvenating look. Here we see how she has combed her half-hair messy and has held it behind in a semi-gathered attractive. This shaped hairstyle reinforces your energetic look. The caramel color favors your light skin tone.

Meryl Streep wears a semi-gathered haircut
Meryl wears a semi-gathered cut

Other hairstyles of Meryl Streep: The famous film actress prefers to wear casual hairstyles, pigtails, or her hair is loose or brushed back casually (as Sharon Stone showed us).

Annabelle Gurwitch, the American comedy actress (born 1961), wears a straight 50-year-old women’s hairstyle, like Sharon Stone and Meryl Streep. She sports a luxurious wavy mane, slightly below the shoulders. Brown hair has a gorgeous deep shine. I could not have found a more successful look!

Annabelle Gurwitch with wavy hair
Annabelle Gurwitch with wavy hair

Other hairstyles of Annabelle Gurwitch: The actress also likes to look collected and semi-collected with strands of hair falling from her forehead and framing her face.

Haircuts for women who are balding

Whenever we talk about baldness, it seems that the issue revolves around men. However, many women also suffer from it. Either due to genetics, stress or a low diet, the fact is that many cases occur today of female baldness. Therefore, in the following lines, we will see some ideas to take utmost care of the hair and thus avoid the fall as far as possible. And not only that! We will also see a few haircuts to hide baldness in women. Take good note, because it will help you to see yourself and be seen better. 

How to care for your hair if you suffer from female baldness?

Remember that you have to take care of your hair to the maximum, especially if you occasionally lose hair. Following a proper beauty routine will not make your hair stop falling or recover and return to the way it was before. Still, it will help you prevent that hair loss and feel much better about yourself. So let’s start by looking at some tips to keep in mind if you suffer from alopecia.

  • The hair products you use, always according to your hair type, must be more natural. The better, and that is, chemicals are very harmful to the sensitive scalp that tends to fall.
  • Put aside the chemical dye, at least for a while; your hair will thank you.
  • If you wish to cover the grey hair, you can use natural henna. It is the most effective and gives a beautiful reddish color. 
  • Do not brush wet hair; wait for it to dry so it is not so brittle.
  • Avoid overexposing it to inclement weather. Caps and hats will be your new allies.
  • Rubber bands, hairpins, and other decorations, yes, but in the right measure and never to sleep!
  • Cut the ends every so often; the healthier the hair is, the less it will fall.
  • Follow a healthy and balanced diet; you already know that hair must also be cared for from within.
  •  Consult the problem with your doctor; he will be the one who recommends some vitamins as a supplement.

Haircut ideas for women who have recesses

Don’t worry, don’t despair; we know that female baldness is hateful. But follow the advice we have just given you and choose one of the haircuts that we propose here. You will start to see everything from a much more optimistic perspective. We warn you, it will be difficult to choose just one as a favorite.

If you have little fine hair

hairstyles female pattern baldness

Best option for you is to wear it short, at the height of the shoulders or even below the neck. Remember that the hair, weighing less because it does not have long hair, will not fall down so much. You will also prevent it from becoming heavy, which turns into movement and a plus of vitality. Layer the fair ones and towards the ends and the dye, as we said before, the better your natural colour.

Bob cut, excellent to hide female baldness

hairstyles for thinning hair on top female

The bob cut has it all: it is comfortable, modern, very easy to style, and it is also perfect for hiding female baldness. This type of hairstyle can cover the entrances to perfection. If you, too, do a few layers, you will have a more excellent sensation of capillary thickness. In short, with the bob cut, they are all advantages. 

If you have a lot of hair but some marked entries

how to hide thinning hair in the front woman

The key is to put on a lovely fringe. Your hairdresser will already know that you have to remove the hair from the head’s center to make the bangs and cover the entrances well. If you don’t like full classic bangs, try a curtained open one on the side marked by the braid in the same direction. The size of the more or less long hair will depend on your tastes; just remember to clean the ends whenever necessary.

Medium wavy hair

Medium wavy hair for baldness

Do you know that curly hair gives the feeling of having three times as much hair? Whether you have recesses, suffer from female baldness, or the crown is beginning to thin. With a wavy hairstyle or undone curls, you will have the solution you are looking for. If your hair is weak for a long-lasting wave styling treatment, try a little of the setting gel each morning. You will have the same result!

Do you dare with a carding or a wig?

Do you dare with a carding or a wig

It may seem strange to hide the entrances with a wig or a carding. Still, it is really perfect for distracting attention from this area, especially the crown. Pull your hair back, cover the depopulated areas and fix with a little hairspray. Top secret: many celebrities resort to the wig or carding to hide the recesses or baldness; why don’t you try it too?

Tousled short hairstyle

Tousled short hairstyle

Short hair, concise, so much that it leaves the nape of the neck uncovered and irresistible tousled touch. To achieve this style, ask your hairdresser to cut the ends with a razor and tell him to put a pinch of gel on the ends to see the effect. Short, messy hair is another ideal option to hide areas with little hair.

Midi hair with side bangs

Midi hair with side bangs

Suppose you liked the previous example, but you are not entirely convinced that it is so short. In that case, you can bet on a midi hair with a side fringe, put the braid on that same side and add a lovely headband as an ornament. After showering, never-fail tip: remove excess water with an anti-frizz towel and blow-dry your hair upside down for extra volume.

Parade your hair from back to front

how to hide female baldness

The haircut from back to front is the chicest, and it came a few seasons ago to stay. It is about cutting the hair at the nape of the neck and letting it be shorter in the back than in the front. It is ideal for showing more hair and camouflage-specific areas. If your case is that you only have marked entries and a lot of hair on the back, you can tell your hairdresser to down a little at the nape of the neck. The stripe in the center is the one that best suits this beautiful look. 

Shoulder-length hair

how to hide scalp with thin hair

This haircut is also very appropriate to hide recesses and to hide female baldness. It is a matter of cutting the hair to the shoulders’ height so that the ends curl a little outwards, then a well-marked part must be drawn to the side and a few strands loose on the other side. This way, you will be covering the crown and one entrance while hiding the other and giving an extra volume and texture to your hair. Again, leave out the dye or highlights; it is about taking care of the hair as much as possible.

And you? Which of these hairstyles to hide women’s baldness do you prefer?

Now that you know the current women’s hair trends for 2021 to innovate your look choose the style you like best and surprise all your friends and family with a new cut.

Well, here we have reviewed the various types of haircuts for women according to your face. But tell us what kind of face look do you have?

Adapt the possibilities to your taste and lifestyle!

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