The Wavy & Curly Perm Hairstyles – All You Need to Know

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It has always happened that women with curly hair have preferred it straight, and those with straight hair have preferred it curly. It seems that not having a characteristic is enough to want to possess it. However, I am one of those who defend that it is better to accept what nature has given you and make the most of your physical and emotional qualities and attributes.

But in the case that you want to have wavy perm hair, it is not necessary to sigh more every time you look in the mirror and see your straight hair. It is also not essential that you have to use your curlers every morning to have the hair you dream of.

Now there are other solutions such as curly perms that can drastically improve your life, in this way you will be able to enjoy your hair more and also, leave out tools that emit too much heat since, in the long run, it can be harmful to you.


The curly perm

Perm styling for hair can be the right solution for women who have straight manes or who don’t have much movement because nature has given them too much falling hair.

Perm is not the same, nor do you get the same results as when you put curlers in your hair for a small or medium curl. The purpose of the permanent wave is to provide waves to the hair that give volume and vigor to the hair.

It is also the right solution because it has advantages, such as permanent waves that will make it appear that you have more hair than you have, so at first glance, you will notice that you have much more volume in your hair. Your hair can look up to twice as voluminous so it will look much more attractive and healthy, especially if you are used to having too fine hair.

How is the curly perm done?

Perm waves are done with large curl bars that are used in the regular perm because you want to mark big waves and some loose curls. It has nothing to do with traditional perms because the latter seeks a consistent and delicate spiral throughout the woman’s hair.

Is it necessary to have long hair?

Maybe you are waiting for your hair to grow so that you can get the curly perms in your hair, but you should know that this is not necessary. Your hairstylist can use a permanent bar that is according to the length of your hair, so if you have short hair, the waves will be more marked than if you had a long mane. You may even like the result more like this; it’s all about trying!

How long does it take to get the curly perm?

When you want to do the curly perm, you will need to take time because it usually lasts about two hours, but this can vary depending on the amount and length of the hair.

After the treatment, you will not be able to wash or wet your head for at least 36 hours since it is the time that the product needs to dry and settle on your hair. Usually, during this time you notice your hair more curly than it will be, but over the days the waves will stretch and take on a lovely wave area.

How long does it last?

Do not think that the curly perm lasts for a lifetime because this is not the case at all even if it seems like the name it has. The curly perm can be kept from 2 to 6 months. But the duration will depend on the type of hair you have, and the care and maintenance that you do to your hair.

Things you should know about curly perms

In addition to everything discussed so far, there are some things you should also know about permanent wave so that it lasts longer and you feel that your hair is perfect.

The best foundation is hair that is not damaged

Something basic you need to know is that it won’t look good if you have severely damaged hair. The chemicals that you have previously used and that have damaged your hair will not help you to now look better with the curly perm; what’s more, it is possible that subjecting your hair to this hair treatment could make your hair even more fragile and cause breakage and hair loss.

It is necessary that before starting to do the curly perm talk to your stylist to find out if it is a good option for you.

But from home, you can do a straightforward test to find out if your hair is badly damaged or not. You just have to pluck a hair and put it in a container with water. If your hair floats on the surface, it means that your hair is healthy, but if it sinks you will be observing that your hair is too porous from the damage it has previously suffered.

It may not be as good as it seems

Even if you have very healthy or not very dry hair, you should know that it is a chemical treatment and that performing this treatment is somewhat aggressive for your hair.

In this sense, it is possible that when you start the procedure, you may regret your decision or give it up before starting to do it. You should not despair because with proper care if you have healthy hair, nothing wrong should happen to your hair.

Is the curly perm worth it?

If you take good care of your hair with the curly perm, it will mean that you will not have to use heat tools for a long time, you will only have to take into account some changes in your daily hair care routines.

You will need a product to shape your curls every day and also a hair oil to help you get rid of frizz. Of course, you will have to make sure that your hair is hydrated all the time because the undulations of your hair will require it.

The wavy perm

Although they are from the same family, there is indeed a difference between the curly perm and the wavy perm. In both cases, the products used are the same, but the materials also have a slight variation. So, as each of us wants something specific for our hair, it is not superfluous to know all the options within the perms.

Differences between curly and wavy perms

Types of curls: The key difference is in the result. A more intense, defined, and very marked curl is what the spiral leaves us. The loosest curl, molded and natural effect comes from the hand of the wavy perm.

Types of curlers: Depending on whether you want one curl or another, the kind of curl on each lock is slightly different. For the waves, larger ones are used to give the final curl the most elongated shape.

Less aggressive treatment: By having to fill the head with less product, because we will also have fewer rollers to apply it to, it is a slightly softer treatment than the previous option. Of course, in both cases, the products used can slightly damage the hair.

When to choose a wavy perm?

There are several options that we have when we talk about perms, so it doesn’t hurt to know which one can go better with our taste and, of course, with our hair. The wavy or curly perm is perfect for hair that is medium to long or rather short. If you have very long hair, it is not advisable.

More than anything because not being a very defined curl, the length of your hair will make it disappear with each passing day. So you will not be able to enjoy the result the time you would like. So, it would be spending money for nothing. If you have long enough hair, surely the curly perm would be your best option.

On the other hand, although we always talk about the undulation itself, the subject of volume cannot be left behind. A very smooth mane still needs a little movement. This can be achieved with this volume, but perhaps with the remedies that we have at home, it will not be as we hope. So, with a wavy perm, we will succeed.

Naturalness and looser hair will be the best results. Of course, you also have the option of making partial waves. This means that you can give volume to certain parts of your hair. You can raise the part of the roots a little or perhaps, some strands near the sideburns. The areas of the tips can also be another of the keys to making the wave. As you can see, it has varied a lot, and you no longer have to choose all the hair to get a fantastic result.

How to make a wavy perm?

Little differs from the permanent one we know. The hair is divided into several divisions, from which strands will be taken. These locks must be screwed into the tubes or curlers, but not before placing a piece of paper on the ends and stretching the hair well.

Since we want a lighter curl here, wider wooden curlers will be used for better absorption of the permanent liquid. In the upper and lateral areas of the head, the hair is wound vertically. But when it comes to the sideburns, then the hair will have to be twisted horizontally.

The change is because this way, we will be obtaining more volume. Once all are in place, the liquid must be applied with great care. It is always advisable to cover and apply moisturizers on the skin areas such as the forehead or part of the ears to avoid irritation if any drop of said liquid falls. Now you have to wait the indicated time and after it, check the results. Surely they will be amazing!

How to make a perm hairstyle at home?

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