10 New Bob Haircuts for Women 2022

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We can say that the bob style haircut is an evolution of other haircuts that have been marking different times. Charleston style cut, page cut, square cut, etc., each change of decade has marked its own style but always with the same base. Today we are going to show you the latest bob hairstyles & bob haircuts for women, their variations, and new trends that, for yet another year, are still present as one of the most requested haircuts in beauty salons.

A beautiful cut that also suits any face type, whether oval, round, square, or elongated. Today we are going to clarify a bit everything that revolves around this haircut from the most purist to the latest and most avant-garde, including the latest bob haircuts for women of 2021.


Bob haircuts for women 2022

Undoubtedly the bob haircut is one of the most celebrated that we can appreciate today, although you should know that this is a haircut that has been between us for almost a century.

Now, surely having seen several models and celebrities wearing their hair with this bob-cut you will have fallen to their charm and you will be thinking about showing off your hair with it.

For this reason, we wanted to talk about certain details of the original cut as well as some new bob haircut ideas for women that you can apply and request from your trusted hairdresser.

What is a bob haircut?

what is bob haircut
what is a bob haircut?

Before going to your hairdresser, with the request that you cut your hair following this style, it is convenient that you know some of its details.

To begin, you must be clear that the bob haircut has become a timeless style especially for its versatility and also for its simplicity.

Now, if you love your long hair and you do not plan to give it up, this cut is not for you, and with this style, you will have a medium and even short haircut.

On the other hand, if you are a woman who seeks to innovate at that time, set aside the same old cut and have a new beautiful hairstyle because the bob style can help you a lot.

Bob haircut ideas for women

Bob haircuts for women

Taking into account the previous suggestions that we have given you, it is time to delve into certain details of this haircut.

You should know that the bob throughout history has undergone many changes and that is that the original cut brings the hair to the chin, presenting its perfectly defined contours.

If you decide to choose the original version of the cut you should know that he will allow you to enjoy a very easy to care and easy maintenance look.

But, if you want to go beyond the classic bob cut you can also opt for one of its variants, which differ mainly by the different lengths handled. These can be located from the lobe of your ear to the shoulder.

Another very famous version is the one that presents the longest hair on the sides while it is getting shorter when going backward, placing the hair at the height of your neck.

Classic bob

classic bob haircut
Classic bob haircut

The classic or traditional bob haircut has a feature that is just as long around the entire contour. Its length should reach just below the chin. This is a cut with no visible layers although the inner sections are slightly shorter. When we cut the inside a little shorter we get the hair to tend to curl inward naturally.

The classic bob can be worn on both straight and wavy or curly hair, depending on the type of hair we have. However, if the cut is well done you can always style it easily.

You simply have to wash your hair in the usual way, remove excess moisture with a towel and apply a little mousse so that the roots rise, while the hair is wet. Then dryer and round brush to smooth and give that finish from the ends inwards.

New bob cut look

bob haircut for girls
Bob haircut for girls.

If you want inspiration about women’s bob haircuts you can, for example, look for the cuts that celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley, and Katie Holmes have used.

Everything goes if you want to get the most out of this haircut.

But, inviting you to know the cuts of these celebrities is not the only help we have to offer you and it is that we also want to talk to you about the different bob haircuts ideas that are fashionable, which are all characterized by being very light and comfortable.

The bob cut with colors

bob cut for women with colors

This style combines not only cut but certain techniques with which you can change your hair color.

bob cut for women
bob cut for women.

Pastel colors have become very fashionable, but also if you are more traditional you can choose to use the cut with a blond, with a balayage or other that is of your liking.

Bob haircut for curly hair

bob haircut curly hair
bob haircut curly hair.

This is a cut that must be done very carefully and with the help of a professional in handling this type of hair since it is not the same to cut straight hair to curly hair.

bob haircut for curly hair
bob haircut for curly hair.

This bob haircut on curly hair is specially made with dry hair, to have a very natural and fluid result.

Layered bob haircut

Layered bob hair
Layered bob hair.

Many think that when it comes to a particular cut it cannot be mixed with others.

layered hair
layered hair.

Well, in the case of this layered bob cut it is not like that and it is that if your hair lacks movement, it is very smooth, you can choose this bob cut and do it with layers.

Images of different bob cuts for women


bob haircuts for girls
Bob haircut for girls.
Bob haircut for woman
Bob’s haircut for the woman.
layered haircut
Layered haircut.
short bob haircut for women
Short bob haircut for women.
long bob haircut
Long bob haircut.
Bob haircut for girls
Bob haircut for girls
Bob Hairstyle for women
Bob hairstyle for older women
Bob haircut 2020
Bob haircut 2020

Now that you have known all the details of bob haircuts for the women as well as our recommendations we invite you to make the best use of these new bob haircut ideas.

Also, do not forget to share them with your friends and maybe they are also looking for a change to improve or renew their look in 2021.

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