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Hairstyles for Women with Long Faces and Thick Hair

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According to the stylist, the shape of your face may be more important than the haircut. If you have a long face and a lot of hair but opt ​​for long or short hair, your face will appear more prolonged, and other features, such as your nose, may appear more prominent. If you have a long face and thick hair, you will look perfect following some hairstyle tips. These hairstyles for long faces and thick hair will change your look.


Hairstyles for long faces and thick hair

Hairstyles for long faces and thick hair


A quick and simple way to make your face look shorter is to have a few locks cut into your hair. Since the bangs will hide most of your forehead, your face will look smaller. Have your stylist cut medium to thick locks just above or slightly below your brows. If you’re not ready for bushy bangs, consider a sideways hairstyle. For this, have your hairdresser cut your bangs down to eye level—part your hair on one side of having your bangs on your forehead. You can also ask your stylist to cut your locks with a razor so they will be softer and fuzzier to avoid overwhelming your face.

wavy Hairstyles for long faces


Not only does a layered cut look good on women with long faces, but it also helps those with a lot of hair. Having your hair in layers will make your thick hair appear thinner. Layers will prevent thick hair from falling out on the side of your face, making your face look longer. Have your hair cut in long layers, with the shorter layer around your face. However, to avoid making your face look longer, make sure the most temporary layer is at least the length of your chin or slightly longer. For thick, coarse hair, have your hairdresser cut you with a razor to remove the clump of thick hair.

long Hairstyles for long faces


Women with long faces and thick hair should skip the shortcuts. Keep your hair shoulder length or longer for best results. If you have short hair, trim it every eight to ten weeks. Once the desired size is reached, continue with the ends every six to eight weeks. This is essential for those with thick hair because the dry ends show more. Dry ends will make your foundation look bushy. Regular trimming will keep your hair looking neat. To keep your hair from growing heavy, consider adding highlights. These, or lowlights for blondes, will frame your face and minimize the look of thick, bushy hair.

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