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Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair 2022

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There is no doubt the hairstyles for long hair are here to stay. And having long hair has become fashionable. That’s why we will tell you what are the best hairstyles for long hair this year.


Easy hairstyle for long hair:

Among the main easy long hair hairstyles, following:

Side pigtail with braid included:

It’s a very easy hairstyle to do, and that will make you look wonderful in addition to being super comfortable and easy to carry. By adding the braid, these hairstyles with loose hair will stand out from the rest.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • The first thing you should do is a low ponytail. In this easy hairstyle, you have the freedom to choose the side you like best.
  • With the help of the fingers, it is time to open a hole in the middle of the ponytail and pass it through from the outside in. The idea is to tighten the hairstyles with loose hair to close the space that may remain.
  • You must repeat the entire procedure until you reach the ends of the hair.
  • We recommend curling some hair in the front to give a different and unique touch.

Something beautiful about this easy long hair hairstyle is that you can use it on any occasion, and you don’t need to be an expert since it is straightforward to achieve.

Hairstyles for long hair women:

Among the best hairstyles for long hair, the following can be mentioned:

easy hairstyles for long hair

Semi picked up with braid:

One of the simple hairstyles for long straight hair is one where it is combined with braids. It is a trend that seems not to go out of style for how incredible it can make you look.

To do so, you have to follow the following steps:

  • The first step is to take your hair and divide it into four equal parts. The part of the crown, the lateral and upper part.
  • The tuft left in the part of the crown should be adjusted with the help of a clamp.
  • The side parts that are divided should be fastened with an elastic band behind the head.
  • Now you must release the strand of the clamp and make a braid. So you can stay tight, you have to grab it with a ponytail.
  • The braid should cover the ponytail you placed in the third step. To do this, you need to put it backwards.
  • The ends of the braid should be pulled with a little care to get a bit of volume in the straight long hair hairstyles.
  • The magic of this easy hairstyle for long hair is that it will make you look spectacular on any occasion.

Hairstyles for long wavy hair:

Among the best hairstyles for long wavy hair, is the one that we will mention below:

Hairstyles for long wavy hair

Side coils:

It is a beautiful style hairstyle for wavy hair. In most cases, it is combined with loose bangs.

To do this, you have to follow the following steps:

  • The first thing you should do in this step by step hairstyle for long hair is to try to curl your hair.
  • It is time to take some strand of bangs on the right side and roll it inwards.
  • Once it is well rolled, we recommend holding it well with the help of a fork.
  • Do similar to the left side.
  • Add enough fixative so that long-haired woman hairstyles can be maintained.

Hairstyles for long updo hair

A great idea of long hair updos is as follows:

Low ponytail hairstyle

This type of easy hairstyle for long straight hair is one of the easiest to make and wear to any event you have. It may seem a bit complicated at first, but the reality is that it is effortless to do this type of collected hairstyle.

To do it, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • The first thing you should do is divide your hair into three parts. The back and two sections on the sides.
  • The back must also be divided into two sections.
  • The hair that is at the nape of the neck should be held in a ponytail.
  • It is time to tie all the hair tied with a ponytail.
  • You should grab a side lock from the left side and roll it inward. To keep it secure, you only have to place a fork.
  • The same should be done with a strand on the right side.
  • Finally, the lock that is on the crown part must also be rolled inwards and fastened with some bobby pins.
  • A lock from the bottom should also be taken and placed around the hairpins to form a ponytail.
  • It is a hairstyle for long straight hair, very innovative and comfortable to wear.

Hairstyles for long straight hair

One of the best easy hairstyles steps by step long hair is as follows:

Headband hairstyle with bow

It gives you a fantastic look by wearing long loose hairstyles combined with a bow.

To do it, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • The first step is to divide your hair into three sections, two lateral and one rear.
  • You should take the side part and put an elastic band to form a low ponytail.
  • It is time to create a slightly casual bun with the ponytail down. With this we want to tell you that it is not necessary to look perfect, the more natural the bow is, the better.
  • You must hold it with the help of several forks and apply a little fixer.
  • It is time to put the headband around the head.
  • Finally, tie the headband to the nape of the neck. You can include a long ribbon of color to look more feminine.
  • You can wear this hairstyle with collected hair to any event you attend and not go unnoticed by the eyes of the guests.

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