Beard Oils and Balms: What Are They and Why Do You Need Them?

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Beard Oils

Men with beards understand the need for products to help them stay nourished, hydrated, and soft. But if you’re just growing a beard or are new to the land of beard products, there are so many it can feel overwhelming.

There are beard waxes, oils, and balms across the market. But what are they all, and why would you need them for your beard? Here’s a breakdown that will demonstrate the similarities, differences and help you figure out which is going to work best for your luscious locks.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is a classic product for men’s beards. Its foundation is a light, oil-based moisturizer to apply quickly to give your locks some shine and style. Most beard oils are made up of essential oils and carrier oils

Carrier oils help to keep your beard healthy and strong. Essential oils usually have properties to help protect the hair and can also add a pleasant smell. 

Most beard oils work to ensure your beard doesn’t feel greasy or weighed down. The oil is most helpful in the early stages of your beard’s growth because it helps to soften the sharper hairs and reduce breakage at the ends.

Beard oil is good for you if you have issues with dry or coarse hair or deal with beard itchiness or dandruff in your beard. They hydrate your hair follicles and absorb into the skin to help condition your beard on the inside as well as the outside.

There are plenty of methods on how to use beard oil so that you can get the most out of it. The benefits of beard oil include that it helps to replenish natural oils in your face and skin to keep your hair softer and more manageable. It’s best to use your beard oil when you get up in the morning or after a shower.

Beard Balm

Beard balms are also sometimes referred to as beard butter. They are designed to have more thickness than oils, using a mixture of butter or more complex oils like shea and cocoa butter, wax, and carrier oils. 

The thickness of the texture with a balm coats the hair and takes more time for absorption. The effect provides a leave-in conditioning effect, making it easier to style and hold down any frizzy or flyaway hairs. Taming, controlling, and shaping the beard are accomplished well with balm.

Though both the balm and the oil serve the same purpose – to nourish and condition your beard hair – there are some important differences to point out.

Why Do You Need Beard Oil or Beard Balm?

Whatever the size or state of your beard, beard oil can be used daily to help treat your beard and the skin around your face and nourish the hair. Consider using it more than once per day if your hair tends to be more dry or itchy.

Using beard oils and balms really depends on your preference and what feels good. Some may feel that the balms weigh down their beard locks more and prefer lighter oils. 

Beard balm tends to be favored by those with medium-length to long-length beards. When the beard grows further away from your face, it is more challenging for beard oil to travel down the ends. The balm can also be helpful when you want to style longer beard hair.

Using Beard Oil and Beard Balm

Beard oil is meant to condition the hair, whereas a balm controls your beard hair. You can benefit from both and even use both beard oil and balm together if you’d like. 

It’s best if you don’t use too much of either product in your beard because the build-up can smother your hair. It’s helpful if you do some experimentation with both. If you have a newer or shorter beard, just beginning with oil can be enough.

When your beard begins to grow in length, you can continue with the oil where it’s close to the skin. Start with just a few drops of oil, apply it under the beard, and work it into your skin. Once your beard grows, you can add some balm to the longer strands of your beard. The balm can be applied to the hair further down and to the ends. 

Start slowly with your product of choice and nail down the routine with your beard that works best. You may need the help of some other products, like a beard comb or brush, to help shape your beard if it’s longer. 

The debate on whether to use beard oil or balm is ultimately up to you and your preferences. Both products have great uses for your beard as long as they are used correctly. It’s worth taking the time to use each and see what works best in your beard care routine.

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