How to Brush your Hair? Avoid these 4 Mistakes

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Do you wanna learn how to brush your hair correctly? Know the right way to comb hair and avoid the most important mistakes that you practiced unconsciously.

There is no doubt that poetry is a factor of beauty that increases women’s self-confidence. Women also love the experience of new hairstyles and attractive hairstyles. However, hair may lose its healthy and vital appearance as a result of external factors such as pollution or poor nutrition. One of the most important habits of hair care is combing, but when you do the wrong hair combing steps the hair is more likely to be damaged by scalp irritation and damage to the bulbs. This results in hair loss and curvature.


How to brush your hair?

We have brought you the most important mistakes you may make while brushing hair, which exposes you to many of the dangers, know and avoid them again.

How to Brush your Hair 2022

1. The direction of hair combing

Not many of us know about the right direction to brush hair. We usually comb hair from roots to limbs, but that’s totally wrong. This causes the hair roots to be damaged and weakened. Start combing the hair and getting rid of its tangles from the limbs first slowly with the upward direction until the beginnings of the hair.

2. Comb hair after the distribution of care products

Most women distribute hair masks, creams, or any other hair care products immediately after bathing. And also to comb the hair to remove the tangles resulting from the massage of the scalp while distributing these preparations. If you are following this step, stop immediately, causing your hair to be damaged. Instead, remove the tangles of the hair by sliding the fingertips between the tufts.

3. Brush wet hair

After washing the hair, you may notice increasing tangles, especially for long hair women. There are many solutions to overcome, but combing wet hair is not one of them. The roots of wet hair are most prone to damage and breakage. So, expose your hair to the air to dry naturally before you comb it to protect your hair from falling.

4. Comb hair back

Many women think that brushing the hair back helps to promote its growth and increase its density. Unfortunately, this belief is one of the inherited myths. On the contrary, combing the hair back on the hair-pulling and heavy fall. Instead, try combing your hair forward by turning your head down before combing it, helping to stimulate blood circulation and increase blood flow toward hair follicles.

The right way to brush your hair

How to comb your hair girl?

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