A Guide To Choosing The Right Hair Brushes

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Taking Care Of The Hair

One of the ways to maintain a lustre hair for a beautiful look, is to choose the right hair brush. Using the right hair brush for your hair can make all the difference in maintaining the perfect hair style, and look.

All beautiful things need care to retain their beauty. Hair also deserves care, because it enhances our beauty, elegance and confidence. Proper health care for the hair helps to boost your confidence as a person.

According to trichologists, the easiest way to care for our hair is using the right hair brush, as using the right hair brush can affect your hair growth. Taking care of your hair can also serve as a good reflection of your health pattern, and make admires view you more positively.

Using The Right Hair Brush For Hair Growth

Anabel Kingsley, a trichologist from Philip Kingsley, emphasised on  using the right hair brush as the first hair care for hair growth. In her expert opinion, using the right hair brush that fits your hair texture, hair style and hair type can make a lot of difference.

Using the right hair brush helps to keep our hair healthy, because hair does not regenerate when it passes the scalp level. A proper usage of the right hair brush can be all it takes to reduce hair breakage and prevent hair loss.

Getting The Right Hair Brush 

When getting a hairbrush, check for gentility of brush material. As winner of best detangler for two years running, Manta Hair has always been a reliable source for getting the right hair brush.

Their vast experience on different hair types ranging from fragile, to children, to men, even down to curly hair, is top-notch.

Most popular hair brushes cause damage to the upper scalp of the head, their tough nature tends to tear away sections of the hair scalp. For this reason, the use of a hair brush with gentle brittles cannot be overemphasised.

Types Of Hair Brush

Hair varies according to gender, race, texture and size. A proper knowledge of these will give you heads up as to what type of hairbrush you need to get the best hair care. 


  • Detangling Brush

      This type of brush is used to untangle hair that has been knotted. For maximum effect detangling brush is best used by brushing the ends of the hair upwards.

  • Wet Brush

      Best used on wet or damp hairs, this type of brushes are made up of flexible and thin brittles to prevent hair breakage while detangling wet hair. It is specially designed to glide through a detangle,  wet hair, smoothly.

  • Dryer Brush

     These brushes are usually a perfect combination of a brush and hair dryer. It is designed to fast track the styling process. Also called hot air brush in, it helps its user dry their hair while brushing it, with the aid of its inbuilt motor. 

  • Vent Brush

      With the difference of not having an inbuilt motor, this brush almost works like a dryer brush. Stylists use it with a hairdryer. Its hollow design helps reduce drying time, by allowing airflow from the hairdryer.

  • Curly Hair Brush

      This design is specifically used on curly hair. These are brushes that are designed to help maintain the curls on your hair. The wet brush, and denman brush are good examples of curly hair brushes.


  • Cushion Brush

      Just as the name implies, they are usually  a combination of a cushioned base and brittles. They are used for dry and wet hair. One distinctive quality of a cushion brush is that it can serve as a massager brush for scalp.


  • Denman Brush

      Designed as a good fit for styling, this type of brush comes naturally. Its ability in maintaining a style, and not causing frizz makes it one of the best hair brushes hair stylists use  for curly hair and sponge hair.


  • Manta Four In One Brush

 Built with a patented flexguard technology on the base, the Manta Four in one healthy hair brush is designed in such a way each bristle is capable of achieving a complete 360-degree motion to gently free hair knots and minimise hair breakage.

Its gentility is one of a kind, as it serves as a scalp scrubber, as well as a hair brush, for all kinds of hairs.

Best Hair Grooming Practices.

 Another way of maintaining healthy hair is to have good hair grooming practice and follow it regularly. In order to achieve a luscious and healthy hair, here are five best hair grooming practice;

Brush Your Hair Always

As simple as this might sound, brushing your hair regularly has so many healthy effects. A consistent brushing of the hair helps to regulate blood flow to the hair scalp evenly. To get the best effect, it is best to brush your hair thoroughly before washing it, as brushing the hair helps to remove dead scalps.

  • Wash Your Hair

      A consistent washing of the hair helps to remove dead cells from the hair. Dirts usually form from the hair scalp after a thorough brushing, an immediate washing helps to remove these dirts, and keep the hair clean.

  • Air-Dry Your Hair As Much As You Can

      After brushing and washing your hair, the next step is drying. In a technology filled world like today, hair drying is usually the next step to take. However, nothing beats a good old fashioned air drying. The air drying method takes time to dry the hair, but its effect is usually soothing, as it allows air to circulate through every section of the hair, unlike the air drying machine which utilises heat for its process.


  • Tie Your Hair Before Going To Bed

     Tying your hair properly before going to bed helps to prevent your hair from knotting and tangling while asleep. The effect of this is that it prevents hair loss, while trying to brush tangled hair in the mornings.

  • Trim Your Hair 

      Regular trimming of the hair helps to beautify the general outlook of the hair. When taking care of the hair, it is important to remember that the hair is made up of the follicle and the scalp. Taking care of both usually brings out the best effect. A regular scalp treatment, alongside the usual hair grooming practice is guaranteed to bring out the best hair look. 



It is advisable to get the manta pulse electric scalp massager. Its magnetic pulsation,

vibrating through the brittles, helps in massaging, conditioning and exfoliating your hair scalp, while brushing your hair, to give your hair the best treatment it deserves.

Designed with inbuilt batteries, they can be charged, to retain power. This feature makes them your best bet, as each charge can last up to 90 minutes.


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