3 Tips to avoid Headache with Long Hair

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Can Long Hair cause Headaches? First of all, congratulations! Your hair has probably grown a lot if you are reading this, which is not an easy task! She had to resist every temptation to cut it, be it because of the heat, the amount of time it takes to wash it, or criticism from her mother. But before praising her long hair for all that it is, you should consider that it could be an aggravating factor to headaches. Don’t worry; you won’t have to cut your lush tresses! Enjoy its glory for years to come by following these tips to avoid headaches with long hair!



Can long hair cause headaches?


Can long hair cause headaches

Tip # 1: Don’t wear a tight ponytail


The most common reason long-haired people get headaches is because of the ponytail pulling at the roots. Under your hair, the roots have nerves that can cause scalp pain. For people who are already prone to headaches, we recommend releasing your mane or at least loosening the ponytail!


Tip # 2: Cut back on extensions


The heavier your hair is at the ends; the more complex the roots will be. And the more the roots are pulled, the more aggravated the nerves become. Not only can this cause headaches, but it can also cause some hair to fall out. If your style seems to be working, don’t worry about solutions. Just remember to always be on the lookout for any unusual activity related to your braids.


Tip # 3: Keep it trimmed


Healthy hair not only looks good – it can also have a great relief on your roots. Healthy hair doesn’t just look good; it can also have noticeable relief at its roots. Also, if your hair is full, thick, heavy, and too long, you could experience tension at the nape. This could be primarily due to poor posture (and not directly thick hair). Still, if you find that your hair gets in the way of tilting your neck (a surprisingly common problem! ), then it might be time for a cut that is evenly distributed—spreading the weight across the ends.


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