How to wash oily hair properly? Top 5 Steps

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Sometimes the sebaceous glands of the scalp produce more oil than usual. Consequently, the hair takes on a messy look. What to do to avoid it? How to wash oily hair properly?

When washing oily hair, it is convenient to take into account some recommendations. Due to the excessive production of sebum on the scalp, you must know how to choose the right products to avoid that oily and dirty appearance. What else should be considered?

First of all, it is convenient to determine why oil accumulates in the hair and what factors can make it worse. A few simple steps can make it look better. So let’s find out what are the causes of oily hair?


What are the causes of oily hair?

Under normal conditions, healthy hair secretes a certain amount of oily substances to ensure adequate hydration of the scalp and keep the strands healthy. In fact, this oil is considered a defence mechanism for the roots’ sensitive part.

The amount produced varies from person to person, improper hygiene, excess sweating, and other lifestyle factors can contribute to excessive accumulation. The result? A slippery and dirty-looking mane that even becomes difficult to style and treat.

Hormonal changes, excessive sweating and the wrong choice of hair products can affect oily hair.

But the question is, why do some people have oily hair and others don’t? What causes fat production to increase? There are several possible causes—next, we discuss in detail the most frequent ones.

What are the causes of oily hair?

Hormonal changes

Hormonal alterations can cause overactivity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Consequently, the hair takes on a greasy and dirty appearance. It is common among pregnant women, adolescents, or women who use birth control pills.

Excess washing

Although people with oily hair tend to wash it more regularly, over-washing can be counterproductive. For what reason? Every time the hair is rinsed with hair products, the scalp picks up a signal to produce more sebum.

Hair type

The altered production of sebum on the scalp can affect anyone. However, those with fine, straight hair are at higher risk of accumulating oil. Since straight hair does not have a wave, the oil slides more quickly down the shaft.

Misuse of hair products

To wash oily hair, it is essential to know how to choose the right products. Due to its characteristics, washing with only water will not remove grease. A clean look will also not be achieved with oil-based products. It is crucial to choose a shampoo with compounds that break down oil.

Also, you should not use excess hair conditioner. Even this should be applied only from the mid of the hair to the ends. As far as possible, it must have a composition low in oily substances.

Other possible causes

  • Doing strenuous exercise (from excessive sweating)
  • Excessive use of hair treatments.
  • Going outdoors with hair that is too damp.
  • Expose hair to the sun and heat sources.

How to wash oily hair properly?

Have you ever wondered what the steps to wash oily hair are? Actually, the routine is simple. The key is to stimulate the pH balance of the scalp and regulate the production of sebum. To achieve this, you have to know how to choose the right products and apply them correctly. Let’s see in detail, step by step.

1. Choice of hair products:

Most of the hair products are designed for normal or dry hair. Its composition makes it possible to increase shine and moisture; however, it is not usually suitable for oily hair. If you are trying to avoid the oily aspect, it is best to find an appropriate formula.

What options are there? Fortunately, there is currently a wide range of products to regulate sebum production. They range from light to micellar products. Ingredients made from citrus, green tea, or aloe vera are good options.

2. Use warm or cold water:

When washing oily hair, the water temperature also matters. To be more exact, the application of hot water must be avoided entirely. Although this water removes dirt and grease, it later affects the increase in sebum production.

Therefore, the idea is to use warm or cold water. A good option is to start the wash with warm water and finish the rinse with cold water to seal the cuticles.

3. Apply products to wash oily hair:

One of the most decisive moments to wash oily hair is when the products should be applied. First, you have to consider the amount of shampoo to be used. It also depends on hair length and thickness. Usually, one or two tablespoons are enough.

How to wash oily hair properly?

Then the way of applying it also requires some care. The ideal thing is to distribute the shampoo all over the head and massage the scalp with the fingertips to clean the residues. Finally, after a first rinse, apply the conditioner from the middle towards the ends.

When applying the products to wash oily hair, it is essential to massage with the fingertips. This helps remove debris from the scalp.

4. Washing frequency:

It is not necessary to wash oily hair excessively. As we have commented, this tends to alter the pH and can produce the opposite effect to that desired. So, the ideal thing is to wash it every two days.

5. Complement the hair routine:

In addition to those mentioned above, clean and healthy hair is achieved with other hair care. For example, it is convenient to apply masks with ingredients formulated for oily hair. A scalp scrub can also be tried, as long as it is oil-free.

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