5 Steps for long hair care to protect against falling and shelling

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Long hair care may cost a lot of time and money to buy hair care products and to attend hair care sessions in beauty salons. Long hair needs more attention than short hair so as not to experience aesthetic problems that affect the beauty and attractiveness of hair such as falling,


Long Hair Care Tips:

In this article, we offer a list of tips to help you take care of long hair at home so that you can save time and money in hair care salons.

Long hair don't care

1. Sleeping:

The care for long hair during sleep is one of the most critical steps to maintain the health of hair, leaving the hair without linking it to the hair tangle, which makes it easily breakable, so tie your hair during sleep so that it can move a little and avoid tight hair, Or silky to protect your hair from damage caused by tangled with other materials.

2. Water:

The intake of large amounts of water per day causes the body to moisturize and rid of the toxins stored in it that affect the overall health of the body. This is for the health effect of water intake. As for the aesthetic impact, the water helps to moisturize the skin and hair and protect against annoying dandruff, which leads to hair loss and hair loss. And the difficulty in growing new hair follicles, so take eight glasses of water a day to get long hair and attractive.

3. Haircare:

Do not use high-temperature hair care products because they affect the natural oils produced by the scalp. Use natural oils such as almond oil and olive oil to nourish your hair before bedtime. Do not hesitate to cut half an inch of your hair every month to protect it from the bombardment. May be exposed to it.

4. The appropriate brush:

The use of the proper brush helps the hair grow and protect it from falling. The use of a narrow hairbrush causes hair loss due to the tangles that may affect the hair, so hair care experts recommend using a broad hairbrush and preferably wood to avoid the adverse effects of using the plastic brush.

5. Rinse:

Experts advise to care for hair long hair not to wash the hair multiple times a day, for the effect of washing the daily hair on the amount of natural oils produced by the scalp, which causes the hair moisturizing and nourishing the elements that help the luster and strength and protect against falling and bombing, hair and clean away from the use of water and normal shampoo that affects hair oils.

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