The Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

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Female genetic balding is a dermatological condition that can affect many women, leading to hair problems that millions of them suffer from, including conditions such as intractable alopecia areata. Most people know that men can also develop iatrogenic deformities, particularly the millions of them that attended hair restoration procedures all the way up to the 1990s which is basically strip harvesting scars. Progressive and genetic conditions can worsen over time. However there is a procedure called SMP, known as scalp micropigmentation that can mimic the appearance of hair follicles which can effectively address the development of those detrimental conditions that were just mentioned.

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Here are the nine benefits of using micropigmentation as a solution to hair loss.

Long-Term Usage

There have always been people looking for treatments for hair loss such as hair transplant procedures, and with this particular procedure, you may have to keep up with it with regular appointments for up to six months. On the other hand, scalp micropigmentation which requires very little maintenance. Restorative pigmentation procedures will only be needed again if you start to notice that it is beginning to fade on your scalp which can reveal to those that see you that you have had this procedure done.

No Need for Additional Maintenance

Scalp micropigmentation doesn’t really require you to do anything because it is a virtually permanent process. Once it is done, it is just going to remain looking the way that it does. They will recommend that you use some form of sunscreen, and if you exfoliate your scalp, this can be detrimental by causing damage and may actually diminish the appearance of the tattoo on your head by removing excess skin cells. Everything that you do should be done to prevent the pigment from fading, and that will minimize how many times you have to go in for a touch up.

It Is Safe And Secure

There will always be some people that will not want to have surgical procedures done, or use chemicals, simply because of the side effects that can occur. This procedure doesn’t use any chemicals at all. All that you need to do is go through the procedure which uses an electronic tattoo needle, as well as a very mild and aesthetic, so that you can have it done along with antibiotics to prevent infection. You will not have to have any incisions made throughout this process, and that’s because there are no surgical instruments required.

It Is Economical

One of the most obvious reasons that this is popular is because it is so inexpensive by comparison to hair transplant procedures. When you do a transplant procedure, this is very invasive, yet scalp micropigmentation can be done with absolutely no downtime in your life.

Minimal Invasion

This is sometimes referred to as a form of acupuncture on your scalp. This is because you are simply adding pigmentation to your skin through the use of tiny needles. There is some software used in order to maximize the effectiveness of the procedure, and it tends to be very painless with no discomfort.

Quick Healing

Scalp micropigmentation will not require any recovery time at all; you do not have to heal from anything; you may need just a few days to get back to your normal routines. It’s virtually painless, and it should only take a couple different sessions to complete the process. It just depends on the size of your head, and there are likely going to be no wounds to tend to, plus your primary focus is to simply keep your head clean.

Every session that you do will take a few hours to complete.

It Looks Real

Scar coverage is another reason people do this. It can mask the appearance of not only hair follicles, but can cover up scars that you may have on your head. You can use it to easily conceal blemishes on your scalp, plus it will blend in well with the rest of your hair.

You Will Look More Youthful

Micropigmentation is a procedure that is far different from hair transplant procedures. When you do a hair transplant, you are extracting hair follicles from your skin and forcibly placing them back in at a different location. You are only using microneedles when you are doing this micropigmentation process. It is virtually noninvasive, requires no change in your lifestyle, and is very easy to maintain. You can click on the following links below to get a free consultation.


SMP is a recommended procedure by cosmetic dermatologists and even surgeons that will do hair transplants. SMP is a great way to improve your chances of looking younger, and you can avoid the challenges and complications associated with medical procedures that must occur with the transplant. Essentially, you are getting a scalp tattoo that is going to be permanently on your head, or at least up until it fades. If the person providing this for you is artistic, it can look extremely real once the entire process has been completed. There are millions of people that can benefit from this procedure which will help individuals avoid the potential of scalp deformities occurring which tends to occur with surgeries that have the same objective. SMP has a simple goal which is helping people restore their hair, apart from medical alternatives that could be far more invasive.

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