Jungkook’s 6 hairstyles that will make you fall in love with BTS’s idol

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Jungkook has become one of the most popular idols in BTS and the world of K-Pop in general. In addition to his incredible voice, he has many other talents, making him the ‘face’ of the band.

Likewise, he has been one of the members of BTS who has had the most look changes. It is something that the ARMY loves, so now we will show you the 6 most charming Jungkook hairstyles that will surely make you fall in love.


Jungkook Hairstyles 2021

jungkook hair style


It is one of Jungkook’s most rebellious hairstyles, where he leaves out hair dyes and shows off his natural dark tone, which he keeps slightly tousled to the back, which gives him an air of bad boy.

Jungkook's most rebellious hairstyle


Among the first changes to the idol was the blonding of his hair that left the fan base breathless. Jungkook became one of the fan favourites, and even his fans own him!

Blond hairstyle

Al natural :

Jungkook wore his original style during one of the best stages of BTS. He returned to his dark brown hair and a hairstyle with short hair and fringes, demonstrating his beauty even without much production.

Al natural jungkook hairstyle

Jungkook’s rebelliousness and his mane

Redhead :

At this stage, Jungkook again let his hair grow out, dyeing it an intense red color. Although he is known for his radical choices, this was undoubtedly one that stole the hearts of the entire ARMY.

Jung-kook Redhead hairstyle

Wavy Mullet :

This is one of Jungkook’s most recent styles and one of his favorites. Proof of this is that he recently wore it during his campaign with FILA, as we recently informed you in La Verdad Noticias.

Jungkook's most recent styles

Back Redhead:

Again Jungkook chose this incredible look, looking genuinely exotic, with more volume and combing back with wet hair, simply one of his most attractive hairstyles.

Jungkook most attractive hairstyles

Do you like these Jungkook bts hairstyles? Let us know in the comment section which Jungkook hairstyle you like the most…!

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