4 Magical Steps to Care for Hair after Washing

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We are all looking for the best ways to get healthy hair, from following natural methods and applying hair masks to expensive hair care products. But does that give you the desired results?

With increasing pollution and poor nutrition, the hair loses its healthy and vital appearance as a result of its lack of basic nutrition and protection against external factors. Everyone thinks that proper hair care comes before washing. Some of us use natural oils or a bath of hot oils to massage your hair before bathing. However, we do not realize the importance of those steps that come after washing the hair.


Haircare after washing:

After washing the hair, 4 basic steps must be followed to get healthy nutrition and get the best results for healthy hair.

1. Hair drying:

After washing the hair or bathing, the role of hair drying comes to get rid of excess water. Start fluffing your hair with a clean, dry towel to cover the entire hair with gentle pressure to absorb excess water from your hair. Repeat this process several times to get rid of as much water as possible. You may need longer periods depending on the texture and length of your hair.

2. Use of oils:

The next step after drying the hair directly is to use oils to moisturize the hair. The correct way to use oils is after washing the hair and not kissing it. To get the most out of oils, it is necessary to clean the scalp and remove impurities and dust, and the distribution of oils on wet hair, not dry. Olive oil is one of the best options for moisturizing your hair, remember that the oil must be distributed only on the tips of the hair and not the scalp.

3. Remove hair tangles:

After washing the hair you may notice some tangles due to the cohesion of the follicles together, but do not get upset. Eliminating hair clotting in the wrong way may result in broken hair and pulled from the roots so that the wet hair is the most vulnerable. But after the distribution of oils on your hair becomes easier to comb hair and decomposition. Use a wide-tooth brush and always look from the ends in the top direction, not the other way around.

4. Control wrinkle:

There is a secret ingredient that can be used to soften your hair and control its wrinkle very effectively, which is aloe vera gel. One of the main causes of thick hair curling is severe dehydration. So be sure to hydrate it with aloe vera gel, it is rich in a huge amount of moisturizing ingredients and essential vitamins. Apply an appropriate amount of aloe vera gel to your entire hair and gently rub it to help naturally heal your hair. Aloe vera gel is not only for hair but a rich ingredient for moisturizing and softening facial skin as well.

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