The importance of folic acid for hair growth

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Hair growth and intensity is the dream of all girls! But in reality, it is difficult to investigate. However, there are some effective and proven methods that contribute to prolonging your hair for several centimeters in just two months, the most important of which is folic acid for hair growth.

Healthy nutrition is the secret behind getting healthy, strong, and long hair. To enhance the hair growth rate and increase its density, you need to eat healthy meals balanced and rich in all essential nutrients. One of the most important nutrients needed to strengthen hair roots and stimulate follicle growth is folic acid, which is available in many of the foods we eat daily.

Know how important your hair is and how folic acid is good for hair growth through the following article.

Folic acid for hair growth.


What is folic acid?

Folic acid is also known as vitamin B9 or folate, which is one of the most important essential elements for performing various biological functions within the body. Of water-soluble vitamins, lack of body may cause deterioration of public health and the incidence of many diseases, evidenced by hair loss and poor growth. Many vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, are available.

Folic acid or folate regularly helps to promote hair growth and eliminate hair loss, which helps to restore hair follicles and repair damaged hair. It also helps to strengthen the nails and improve the appearance of the skin. A recent study shows that folate helps to treat baldness and improve the problems of genetic baldness for men and women.

What are the benefits of folic acid?

How do you take folic acid for hair growth?

1. Vitamins for hair growth:

To treat hair loss, many people resort to biotin supplements, but may not give us the desired results. By taking biotin with folic acid, you can get amazing results for hair growth and nail strengthening as well. These vitamins for hair growth nourish hair follicles and increase hair density in just two months. To determine the necessary dosage, consult your doctor.

Zinc is also one of the most famous minerals that help treat hair loss. If you have zinc deficiency in the body, we recommend that you take zinc with folic acid. Unlike biotin, which improves the health of hair and nails, zinc helps to treat hair loss caused by weakness of follicles intensively.

2. Food sources of folic acid:

You can also get the necessary doses of folic acid during your daily diet for hair growth. Folic acid is available in many foods, not only to get the necessary nutrients for the body but in this way, you can avoid the side effects of taking drugs. The best dietary sources of folic acid are leafy fruits and vegetables including citrus, legumes, leafy vegetables such as spinach, pepper, broccoli, and red pepper. It is also available in brown bread, cereals, brown rice, and brown flour products.

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