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Hairstyles with Pigtails for the Summer

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Pigtail hairstyles are always one of the best ideas to collect hair. As we well know, it is a hairstyle that never goes out of style, and thanks to it, it can also be adapted to different moments and hair types. It seems that they are all advantages and we have to make the most of them.

That is why here we’re sharing the selection of summer hairstyles with pigtails that you will love. But it is that when older, it must be said that these are easy ideas, which you can carry out without spending hours in the mirror. So, don’t waste time and choose which one you want to start with!


Hairstyles with pigtails and root braid

Pigtails hairstyles

A two in one, clearly. Because it is about adding the great ideas that make the hairstyles with pigtails more comfortable and more uncomplicated. Now with the arrival of summer, we want to be fresh and always wearing a hairstyle of the latest. For this reason, since we do not want to waste any time, the best thing is to do a ponytail, but add some of its variants.

For this, nothing like leaving the upper part of the hair loose and picking up the rest in the ponytail above, better if it is a little tight. With the loose part, we will have to make a braid, which in a few minutes you will have ready. When you have all the braid done, the only thing we need is to place it wrapping the rubber with which we have made the ponytail. Remember to hold it tight with bobby pins. As simple as that!

Pigtail with top coiling

Of course, if that root braid is not your thing or does not favour you, then you can always opt for other ideas like this. If the previous one was done in a few minutes, this one would be even faster. The process is similar to the one we just finished seeing. Simply comb the hair back thoroughly, leaving the top free. While the rest we collect with rubber, making a high ponytail.

If before we had to braid the loose part, now it is about wrapping it on itself. We are making a roll, and when we have it, we pass it back to be able to adjust it again, covering the rubber of the ponytail. We screw it into it, and of course, we hold it with bobby pins so that our hairstyle remains intact for a longer time. In addition to being comfortable, it is one of those hairstyles that can be adapted to various events. Since with a beautiful ornament, you can take it to that ceremony that awaits you soon.

Knots and pigtails

Pigtail hairstyle

If you have already seen the braids, the coils do not convince you, now the knots arrive. It is effortless. Because we will also start from the high starting ponytail. Of course, in this case, we will have left the top part of hair loose and that we will divide into two more parts.

Now we have to make the first knot with it and join it to the second knot that we will do with the other partition. Do not tighten them, it is just shaping them as if we were going to make a complete knot. Then, we must adjust it to the ponytail itself. You can pass it through the rubber part and let the rest of the hair intermingle with that of the ponytail. It has an original finish that we like, and I’m sure you will also notice. Which of these pigtail hairstyle ideas are you going to start with?

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