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Cute Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair for School 2022

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Are you looking for elegant, pretty, and cute easy hairstyles for short hair for school?

Then you found the definitive guide where I am going to help you if you are the mother of a girl and you want her to be very neat every day with her hairstyle.


How to make cute easy hairstyles for school step by step?

I have two daughters which I have been learning from the easy and simple hairstyles to the most complex ones depending on the time I have.

Since you know between taking care of the house, ordering it and dressing my girls, it is very difficult to do everything but not impossible, so I hope that this guide that has the greatest variety of easy hairstyles for school for short hair can be of great help for you and your friends.

I know it is to wake up early to go to school so hairstyles should be quick and easy on all things.

I am going to divide the article into different sections since depending on the age of each daughter it will be different since it is not the same if she is attending kindergarten, elementary school or if she is attending secondary school.

If your case is that you are a mother of small girls between 2 to 6 years old, they will surely be very useful to learn. However here you can find more hairstyles for baby girls.

On the other hand, if you are 7 years old and older, you can start practicing and make yourself the hairstyles that I am going to teach you with each step explained.

If you are in high school I will give you more hairstyles with braids where you can implement all your imagination and the lessons learned.

Something that you have to be very clear about is that there are different types of hair and lengths.

A look for short hair is not the same as for long hair.

That is why you will see each option adapting the one that for you is the best depending on the length of hair you have, the texture, and the style of your hair.

I also recommend that you should visit:

where you can find very good examples of hairstyles for your little one.

These are the best school hairstyles for short hair in photos:

Styles explained step by step how to combine a bun with braids leaving a lock of the forehead that falls on the face.

How to make cute easy hairstyles for school?
How to make cute easy hairstyles for school?

By braiding you can achieve a look where the main bun will be your attraction.

How to make easy hairstyles for school?
How to make easy hairstyles for school?

Side cascading braid is good for girls and teens who have wavy hair.

How to make cute hairstyles for school?
How to make cute hairstyles for school?

The coquettishness of girls is a law (although many say no) because they love to look different every morning with different easy hairstyles for school.

For you who still do not know what to do differently with your hair that is not a high or totally loose ponytail, we have been responsible for enumerating several beautiful and versatile cute easy hairstyles for short hair for school with which you will identify.

Easy hairstyles for short hair for school:

The days of boring hairstyles for school girls are over! Dare to try these quick and easy hairstyles for school, you will see that you will be the sensation among your friends in the classroom, be attentive to the step-by-step of each of them.

1. High Bun With Braid Around:

school hairstyles for short hair

It is a special school hairstyle for short hair for those days where your hair does not want anything with a comb, for him we will need a tail, a hair donut, and a pin, you will see how easy it is!

  • First, you must make a high ponytail with all your hair, that area if you should brush it very well.
  • From the ponytail you are going to take a strand of long hair, the one that protrudes most from it and weave a braid of three common ends, open it so that it looks a little bigger.
  • With the rest of the hair, you will line the donut and secure it with a pin, at first it will be a bit weird but eventually you will acquire practice.
  • Then cover the bun we made with the three-strand braid and secure it with a fork.

Ready!, it is an imperfect bun that goes well with the uniform, for those days where you need to comb your hair and can not wear loose hair because it is completely messy, particularly reminds us that wavy hairstyles are the opposite because of their sophisticated form of doing them, don’t you think ?.

2. Dutch Braids For School Girls:

Easy hairstyles for short hair for school

It is a braid that goes to the side, very beautiful and lovely, is to make a fabric in the opposite direction to the usual, which we will feed on both sides.

  • Brush your hair very well and put it all to the side, with which you feel more comfortable, making a deep line in the same direction as your hair.
  • Start braiding the root with a tuft of approximately 3 fingers thick, feeding both ends with more strands of hair up and down.
  • When you reach the ear area, start adding hair on the opposite side and continue feeding the ends until you have no more hair to add.
  • To finish, follow the braid to the end and secure it with a league, then start making small braid pulls to make it look bigger and more beautiful.
  • It is a quick option for the mornings where you are in a hurry because the alarm did not sound, it is a very easy option that you will love.

3. French Crown Braid:

hairstyles for short hair for school

This is a headband made of your own hair extremely easy and fast, you can do it in those days that your hair dawns extremely beautiful and you want to add a special touch to not wear it loose and now.

  • Starting you must make a line to move your hair to the side.
  • You take a stand close to the line you just made and start a three-strand French braid, the peculiar thing about this braid is that while you are weaving you will feed it on one side, specifically on the side that is on your forehead.
  • You are only going to have hair in the forehead area when you finish this location you follow the usual tissue to the tips.
  • To give it a special touch, open the braid, pulling the used ends, then hide the braid behind your hair and that’s it.

It is a very simple and beautiful hairstyle for girls, which you can do wherever you are, you only need a garter and a hairpin to look beautiful.

4. Cross-Hair Belt Braid For School Girl:

cute hairstyle for school short hair

It is a cute and easy hairstyle for short hair for the school that you can do in the morning before going to school, it has a very little elaborate look that some of us love, and it is practical and beautiful at the same time.

  • You should split your hair to the side, you will work only with the front.
  • Then you will take two strands and the intersections, to the bottom strand you will add another hair to turn it over, you follow the procedure until you reach the area of ​​the ears.
  • Then you join all the hair in a half ponytail and that’s it, we’re done.

Do you see? It is an extremely simple and beautiful school hairstyle for short hair that you can use the days you need to comb your hair super fast because your sheets were stuck.

5. High Ponytail Hairstyle For School:

High Ponytail Hairstyle For School Girl

It is a different way to wear the hair that many will love, it consists of a central crepe accompanied by some braids of three ends that will make a difference.

  • To start you must comb the front area of ​​your hair all straight, it is recommended that you give a little volume to your hair when you are making this crepe so that it looks very beautiful, secure it with a pin.
  • Take a section of hair from one side and start knitting like a common three-strand braid, make another braid just below the one you just made, weave them to the end, and put some garters on.
  • Repeat the procedure on the other side.
  • Next, you join the 4 braids and the crepe in a high ponytail.

This is an easy hairstyle for short hair for school different from a high ponytail that you are used to doing every day, it is a way to give a special touch to this hairstyle so common, so you manage to get out of the daily routine as far as school hairstyles are concerned.

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