Why Your Company Needs Drug Testing

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There is a spike in drug use, particularly opioid use, in Canada, and it’s not limited to urban areas. Rural communities are experiencing an increase in both drug use and overdose deaths, a phenomenon exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and showing no sign of slowing down. There is an increasingly toxic and potent supply of opioids flowing out of cities like Toronto. Employers are also dealing with the fallout of the increase in alcohol consumption and recreational drug use that accompanied the pandemic. Visit idrugscreen.com to learn more about Drug Testing.

There is a chance that other public agencies will follow suit, and that private and public companies will take notice of investing in a drug testing program. Here’s why.


1. Reduce safety risks

There is no doubt that drug use increases workplace safety risks for workers and the general public. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and others have definitively linked it to an increase in workplace accidents and injuries.

It is more likely that workers who use illicit drugs or abuse prescription drugs will suffer an accident or make a poor decision as their judgment, alertness, perception, and even motor coordination will be affected. It may be of particular concern to those in safety-sensitive positions.

2. Improve performance and productivity

The purpose of drug testing is to reduce substance abuse, substance use, and the adverse effects this can have on job performance and productivity. The consequences of drug abuse on the job include poor decision-making, tardiness, sleeping on the job, and a lack of focus. You can eliminate these effects by implementing a robust drug testing program, which will ensure your workers are alert, efficient, and can comprehend hazardous situations.

3. Manage Costs

Human error, lost productivity, and accidents are all costly consequences of substance abuse. A drug-testing program can mitigate these consequences in two ways.

In the first place, it can act as a deterrent by discouraging both individual use at work and a possible epidemic when drug abuse is left unchecked. The second benefit of drug testing is that it identifies problems earlier in the process, giving you a chance to offer treatment and support. Your company can reduce the cost of drug use in the workplace by implementing both of these measures.

  1. Enhance the company’s image and culture

It is possible for drug use to negatively impact your company’s culture, causing a lack of trust among employees and a sense of vulnerability. It can lower company morale, resulting in higher turnover or a lack of loyalty among employees. A drug use problem in the workplace can affect more than just your company culture. Furthermore, public perception of your organization can be affected by errors or safety concerns.

5. Enhance employee health

Most employees see drug testing as a punishment measure, but drug testing is actually meant to protect your employees. Positive drug test results do not prove that you have a drug problem, but they can indicate that you do. Providing a well-rounded drug testing program provides an opportunity to offer employee assistance programs, such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). This can also lead to the possibility of providing accommodations while the employee recovers. All of this ensures the safety and productivity of your workers.


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