The Best Tricks and Tips to Get Long Thick Hair

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All women want to have longer thicker hair, which is associated with the beauty and attractiveness of women. Some may think that is impossible, and most women buy expensive hair care products from nutritious balms and hair creams, but certainly, you can not get that result using cosmetic only. To achieve your dream and get the long thick hair you’ve always wanted, you need to follow some basic steps and apply an integrated hair care routine to nourish your hair from the inside and protect it from the outside as well.

Here are the best tricks and tips you need to get long and thick hair.


1. Eat healthy and balanced food:

The diet you need to follow should include essential foods that help to grow and intensify hair. Mainly leafy vegetables, legumes, seeds, marine fish, and poultry. Always remember that protein is the primary building unit to maintain healthy hair follicles.

Eating balanced daily meals ensures you get long, healthy, shiny and smooth hair. Many people spend a lot of money buying hair care products without paying attention to feeding the body internally. Therefore, the result becomes unsatisfactory.

2. Massage the scalp:

The scalp needs good massage using the fingertips to stimulate circulation and nutrients to hair follicles. You can use any of the natural oils during scalp massage for more nutrients such as coconut oil or olive oil.

3. Trim the limbs regularly:

Visit the beauty salon to cut hair tips every three months is necessary to avoid the shelling of the limbs and break the hair. Shaved limbs are the beginning to expose your hair to full damage, which stops its growth and fall heavily. Therefore, cutting the limbs is one of the most critical steps that must be taken to promote hair growth and prolong it healthily.

4. Reduce frequent washing of hair:

Some women think that daily hair washing is healthy to maintain hair and scalp vitality, but that is entirely wrong. Hair shampooing works to remove natural oils and fatty secretions that help moisturize the scalp, causing severe dehydration and then exposed hair to fall.

We should not wash the hair for more than twice a week, to maintain natural oils and moisturize the hair. If you need to clean the scalp from excess sweating and accumulated impurities, dry shampoo is recommended for this purpose.

5. Avoid excessive combing:

Do not comb your hair for more than 5 minutes a day. Although it is essential to comb the hair to stimulate blood circulation and increase blood flow within the scalp, it has a negative effect when excessive. Excessive combing causes hair to break and fall, especially when combing wet hair.

6. Replace pillow covers:

Replace the covers of your cotton cushions with silk. The cotton material prevents hair growth, falling due to excessive friction and moisture absorption from the scalp. Therefore, it is recommended to use soft silk sheets with less friction.

7. Eat dietary supplements:

Consult your doctor to determine the best dietary supplement for hair growth and prolongation. Getting essential nutrients is essential to maintain healthy and hair growth. If you can not get enough vitamins and minerals through your daily diet, dietary supplements and vitamin capsules are the ideal solutions.

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