5 Causes of Teenage Hair Loss

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Some women suffer from hair loss from teenage. With age, there are some gothic changes that affect hair health. But what if that happened during adolescence?

Teenage hair loss is an embarrassing problem that can cause a great shock to them, thinking that it is a difficult problem to get rid of throughout life. To overcome the problem of hair loss in teenage females, it is essential first to know the root causes of this problem. Knowing the underlying causes is the most important part not only for treatment but also for prevention.


Causes of teenage hair loss

Here are the five most important causes of teenage hair loss.

1. Hormonal disorder

Once you reach puberty, your body experiences successive changes, ranging from hormonal disorder. Corrupted hormones in the body change appetite for food, mood swings and also weak hair growth, where some hormones control the growth of healthy hair or falling at normal low levels. Unfortunately, the hormone responsible for hair growth combines with certain enzymes produced by the sebaceous glands on the scalp, leading to increased hair loss. If you suspect that your hair loss has hormonal reasons, you should consult with your doctor who will guide you to the appropriate tests and then the treatment you need.

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2. Bad treatments for acne

Some girls use chemical treatments for acne unconsciously, but most of them change the levels of the body’s hormones. These treatments also affect hair loss and weakness. If you suffer from acne during adolescence, consult your doctor before taking any of the medical treatments and ask about its damage and side effects.

Some other medical treatments may cause hair loss including anticoagulants, antidepressants and high levels of vitamin A.

3. Lack of healthy nutrition

Some girls may suffer during this phase of loss of appetite and lack of desire to eat healthy foods, which affects the health of hair and skin, and begins to fall in hair severely. It must be remembered that a healthy and rich diet is the basis for maintaining the health and vitality of hair. The hair and scalp roots are nourished with all necessary nutrients from vitamins and minerals. If you can not always eat healthy meals, you can compensate for this by taking basic supplements to strengthen your hair and avoid falling.

4. The use of excessive drying tools

Girls always want to have attractive-looking hair, which causes them to use heat tools for excessive hair-styling, but the use of thermal, dry, and individual treatments frequently exposes hair to more damage and becomes dry and brittle. In addition, applying court hairstyles that rely on pulling hair hard as a high horse’s tail also causes hair loss and the appearance of blanks.

5. Neglect of proper care of hair

To maintain healthy hair, you need to follow a regular routine to take care of your hair. Haircare is not limited to the use of shampoo, but hair also needs deep moisturizing. Faced with external factors of sunlight and environmental pollution, the rate of hair loss increases, especially with the neglect of proper care. Make sure to use the hair conditioner after washing to provide it with moisturizing and nourishing elements. Hair may also require deep moisturizing using natural oils or deep moisturizers.

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