10 Short Haircuts for Women with Curlers

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Women today are not satisfied with anything and more when it comes to having a unique and outstanding appearance before people, that’s why they are looking for short haircuts with curlers. A young 21-year-old girl comments “I don’t know why, but when I have my hair with waves, then I want to have it straight and if I get tired of having it straight, I choose to wear curlers to give a little variation to my appearance”. If you are one of the women who like to follow the same trend as other girls your age, but you do not know how to get those hairstyles every week. Then you came to the right place. You can see the different styles and choose the one you like the most!

In this new post, I will teach you how to get short haircuts with curlers. I hope you like it and if you have a question at the end, tell me and I will respond as quickly as I can.


Short haircut with curlers

Bob style short haircut

Even though curly hair doesn’t really let you see that the hair is Bob styled, the fact that the curlers look fantastic is because of the Bob haircut. And that’s why I recommend this short haircut for women. It is actually a very beautiful cut.

Short haircut with dark bob style curlers

women short haircuts

The first cut is based on blonde hair, but who said Bob’s style only looks fantastic with blondes? Appreciate the beauty of the pure black color coupled with a slightly short haircut with curlers and Bob styling as well. Very elegant, perfect, and super attractive. It’s about the Dark Bob Cut with curlers.

Short curly pixie haircut

short pixie haircut

Very popular and known for being an extremely short haircut. For many women, it may not seem like a Pixie haircut. However, this is due to tight curls or curlers that can be seen in a very dark and black color. It is a cut with a very common look but it is one of my best. Don’t you find it beautiful?

Rebel pixie haircut with thick flat rollers

pixie haircut with thick flat rollers

If you ever feel a little insecure about how your curls will react to a pixie haircut, then I recommend going for this Pixie haircut with stunning curls and beautifully crafted. A round of applause for the creator of this haircut.

Asymmetric bob haircut

Asymmetric bob haircut

A very rare name for this bob haircut, but according to the creator, it is based on the fact that most of the hair falls on one side. Is it true? We do not know. What we do know is that it is a very beautiful bob cut. Actually, the curlers are not seen much in this cut, but if we are a little more detailed with the view, we will appreciate that among all that dark hair, there are also some curlers and possibly, these are responsible for giving that texture and density of haircut color. Judge for yourselves.

Semi normal bob haircut

If you feel like your hair doesn’t have the volume to look beautiful and radiant, try this short bob haircut with some curlers and layers. I assure you it will make your day

Bob haircut with very large, flattened curlers

If we look closely at this haircut, the first thing we notice is that the curlers are not so bulky. They look great but do not give that image of being curlers, in addition to being a little softer than normal. The reason this haircut looks like this is because it doesn’t have too much volume. Anyway, no matter how it is, the important thing is that it reflects a pleasant effect and is still a short haircut with curlers.

Pixie haircut with huge curls 

The woman in the photo is gorgeous because she has a very beautiful short haircut. This haircut is a combination of the vintage look and some huge curls. A very fantastic cut.

Bob haircut with very tight curlers

For me, this haircut seems a bit extravagant. The curlers do not look like the original shape they should have, but it is seen to be curly hair. Its color is somewhat dark and it really looks very serious and extravagant women. The woman in the photo even seems to have gotten a good shake, if you know what I mean right? Check it out.

Red bob haircut

short haircuts with curlers

This is a very voluminous bob haircut and that red color makes it look more interesting. The curlers are not very noticeable, but the volume of the hair is a serious matter and there is the detail.

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