How do men prefer women’s hair?

Long ago, there was a widespread belief that men preferred blondes, but as for tastes, there are colours… that statement was too daring knowing the number of men in the world with different tastes.

Have you ever speculated with your friends about how do men prefer women hair? Do you think they opt for long hair, or do you think that short stylish hair seems sexier to them? Do you like curls or straight, silky hair better?

What hairstyle do guys like on a girl?

What hairstyle do guys like on a girl?
What hairstyle do guys like on a girl?

These are not easy questions to answer because each man can have his particular tastes. But there have been several studies and surveys that show different results.

Today I want to talk to you about the data that sounds the most, but I have to say that they are not relevant because perhaps your tastes are different if you are a man, and it will also be beautiful! But as a general rule, the following data is what seems most common among men’s taste for women’s hair.

They prefer brunettes

The belief that men prefer blondes has been entirely left behind. While it is true that there will be men who prefer blonde in women, men prefer brown hair, well-groomed, and natural. It’s so sexy!

Wavy hair is better

If you have straight hair, don’t worry because you can use the curling iron to wave it. But men like wavey hair, they love it!

Do guys like shoulder length hair?

Men like long hair, but not super long! Cosmopolitan interviewed 100 men, and 55% found that medium length hairstyle was sexier than having it shorter or longer. What do you think?

Loose or collected hair

What is the most attractive hair style?
What is the most attractive hairstyle?

This topic is quite close because men like it almost equally for women to wear their hair down. And it is that a woman with a beautiful mane will continue to be just as sexy with her hair tied up and vice versa. Because what matters is style!

A style that repeats

Some surveys asked men if they cared that their girl wore her hair the same way every day. 71% said no, and 29% said yes. Jennifer Aniston is an example of a woman with stylish hair and the most copied in the world; she always sticks to her style and works wonderfully.

Asymmetric cuts

In finding them, men, they were also asked what they thought of asymmetrical haircuts. 76% of the boys surveyed said they loved them, and 24% confessed that they hated them. The manes with uneven and sharp points did achieve high scores in terms of preference of the boys.

The braids

why do guys like long hair? yahoo
Why do guys like long hair?

Will men look cute or cheesy to braids? According to some surveys, 83% say they seem attractive, and 17% seems childish. Of course, here it depends on how you do them and when you use them, because a beautiful side braid, attached to a ponytail, is not the same as the two classic braids that you used when you went to school.

Do you notice when a woman changes her hair?

Almost a fifth of men surveyed in the UK by Daily Mail says they rarely notice when a woman changes her hairstyle. So it makes us think that they must be distracted with other matters because sometimes when a woman decides to amend her hair, it is quite noticeable! Although, of course, if only the tips have been cut, it is more usual that they do not realize much about it.

Natural hair

Do guys like shoulder length hair
Do guys like shoulder length hair?

You might be surprised to know that men like to enjoy natural hair when it comes to style. They prefer to see beautiful natural hair in a woman and well cared for than to contemplate false hair (like the famous extensions that are so fashionable). They even claim that they prefer to see some imperfection in the hairstyle than to observe meticulously well-groomed hair. And it is that the manes to the wind will always be a good option in the feminine look! Natural and well-groomed hair is undoubtedly the sexiest and attractive in a woman with a proper mane.

Does hair mark personality?

Does hair mark personality?
Does hair mark personality?

You find that they also discover that the vast majority of men think that a woman’s hairstyle will tell a lot about her personality. And maybe they are right, isn’t it that one day you feel worse you worry less about having the right hairstyle than the days you feel like you are going to eat the world? Perhaps it is an excellent way to show people that we like to have well-groomed hair and also feel beautiful all the time… although we also feel good if there is a day when we don’t feel like combing our hair much. We are beautiful, just the same!

As you can see, there are many opinions because there are many men who have their tastes regarding a woman’s hair and how she prefers it. And actually, a woman’s hair will be more or less suitable and pretty depending on the woman. By this, I mean that it cannot be generalized because there are women who with hair are prettier, and others who have short hair or an asymmetrical cut feel scandalous. So as far as the taste of men is concerned, it will depend on the woman in front of you before giving an opinion about how you prefer hair.

What do you think? Do you believe that you can have such a general opinion about women’s hair or that it depends on the woman who fits one strand or another? And of course, variety is perfection! So it is good that there are men with different opinions; each one has their own tastes!

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