Hair Filler: All you need to know about it

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During the present age, many modern medical techniques have emerged to treat hair problems and to get it smooth like silk. Apart from the sessions of protein and keratin for the treatment of dryness and wrinkles of hair, a new technique has emerged in cosmetic medicine clinics, Hair Filler.

What is Filler Hair? What are its components and advantages? When can women resort to it? Is it harmful to women’s health or not? All these questions will be answered through this article, just follow us and we will learn with you all about the technology of modern hair fellers.


What is hair filler?

Feller’s hair technology is one of the latest in modern medical technology that many women have resorted to recently. The hair follicle is a mixture of natural substances and vitamins that are injected into the hair, and once unique to the hair, it helps stimulate the blood circulation within the scalp, and then activate and strengthen hair follicles.

Hair Filler is derived from Fill, which means filling, and filler is the filler that injects the hair scalp to treat all its problems, including the problem of baldness, light and weak hair, and the problem of falling, shelling, and dry hair.

The benefits of hair filler:

Hair filler

There are many health and aesthetic benefits to the use of modern hair filler technology, which is one of the most important medical reasons that have recently emerged to treat various hair problems, which are very safe medical means for women’s health and have no side effects. Indeed, it is the perfect and quick solution to get smooth, shiny, and attractive hair free from falling and pounding.

The hair follicle technique increases the thickness of hair follicles and works on their density. It also increases the strengthening of the hair follicle and helps to give soft or smooth hair. This is in addition to the role of hair filler in eliminating the problem of dryness and hair damage and making it healthy, shiny, beautiful, and easy to use.

Features of hair filler:

One of the most important features of Filler hair is that it has a long-lasting effect and when the hair grows it will be improved automatically and does not need to be re-used again. The filler also prevents hair from falling because it is rich in vitamin components that improve the hair follicle. It is also an important treatment for the thinning hair problem.

One of Feller’s special hair benefits is that he does not interfere with dyed hair and is treated with hair in a normal way without resorting to changing hair color. More important is that the hair filler alienates from the use of any individual hair preparations, such as protein and keratin, which have negative effects on the health of hair growth.


Hyaluronic acid: This acid is a medical substance used in several techniques for the process of cosmetics, including the process of the supply of lips, and blush cheeks. This is a natural substance found in skin cells. When used to inject the scalp hair, they escape the moisture and softness of the hair, because of the retention of very large quantities of water, which in turn moisturize the hair and work to give vitality and luster to get a fine beautiful hair.

Argan oil: Argan oil is part of the hair follicle it works to moisturize the hair in a natural and effective way, and also extends the hair vitamins important to feed and strengthen the follicles.

Zanthalin compound: This compound is also one of the essentials of the Filler, which in turn tighten hair fibers that work on the individual nature and eliminate the wrinkles and tangle of hair, giving him sufficient flexibility to allow him to resist shelling and damage.

Keratin compound: While keratin is known to be one of the most important natural compounds found in hair, it is used within the components of the hair follicle to protect hair and package the effects of other therapeutic methods. The keratin compound works to increase the strength and moisturizing of the hair and treat it from bombing and decomposition.

Filler hair damage:

In fact, there is no health damage caused by hair follicles on the health of women, but it is a safe medical means on the scalp hair and limit the fall and bombardment. This is because the primary goal of using hair filler is to treat hair and not just its individual. But the fault of Filler hair is that it is very expensive and may need more than twenty sessions depending on the type and hair problems.

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