Easy And Cute Hairstyles For Little Girls

Little girl hairstyles manage to enhance their tenderness. If you want to learn how to do kids hairstyles for girls, then you must continue reading this cute hairstyle for girls post. In this post, we will tell you in detail how to make easy little girl hairstyles step by step.

Easy little girl hairstyles step by step

Among the best easy cute hairstyles for little girls, are the following:

Low updo

Cute hairstyles for girls
Cute hairstyle for little girls.

With this easy hairstyle for little girls, it is possible to get her ready for a casual or formal event, because this easy and pretty girls haircuts can be used on any occasion.

The steps to follow are those:

  • The first thing you should do is separate the hair into three ponytails with a 1/2 to 1-inch separation, depending on the thickness of the hair.
  • For thinner hair, you should keep the ponytails closer together.
  • The next step is to pull the hair halfway down the ponytail to create three rolled buns.
  • Finally, take both sides of the bun to make a circle around the hair bow, and secure it with hairpins.
  • Repeat the same step for each hairtail and go.


cute hairstyles
Cute hairstyles for girls.

It is a beautiful hairstyle for long hair. Although at first, it may seem a bit complicated, it is quick and easy to do. It’s perfect to take your girl to ballet class or just on a school day.

The steps to follow in this hairstyle for a long hair girl are the following:

  • The first thing you should do is a low ponytail.
  • The next step is to separate the hair over the ponytail and then a loop through the opening.
  • It is time to flip the queue up and through the same loop. We recommend you secure it with forks.
  • Finally, decorate with a bow or flower.

Cute hairstyles for little girls

Among the cute hairstyles for toddler girl are the following:


easy hairstyles for girls
Easy hairstyles for little girls step by step.

It is one of the easy cute hairstyles for long hair girls very used. To get this nice top knot hairstyle, you have to follow the steps that we will mention below.

These are the steps to follow:

  • The first thing you should do is comb your hair carefully and make a tight ponytail.
  • The next step is to secure it securely with a hairband.
  • It is time to divide the ponytail into two sections and apply mousse or gel to make it softer.
  • Take a section of hair in each hand and keep them folded together, until the end.
  • Hold the braided hair and wrap it around the hair tie clockwise.
  • Finally, secure it well with forks.

Double bun

easy little girl hairstyles step by step
Easy little girl hairstyles step by step.

It is a wonderful hairstyle for short hair girls easy to do. It is one of the most used hairstyles by American girls. Follow the steps we will mention to get this little girl hairstyle.

These are the steps for this double bun hairstyle:

  • The first thing you should do is divide the hair into two sections and place two tall pigtails.
  • It is time to make some easy braids and wrap them in the form of buns.
  • To keep the buns fixed you must secure them with forks.
  • To make each bun a little wider, you just have to take out the sections that seem to be tight.

Little girl hairstyles braids step by step

Among the little girl hairstyles with braids and easy hairstyles collected for girls are the following:

Updo braid flower

cute hairstyles for school
Cute hairstyles for school.

There is no doubt that it is one of the easy cute hairstyles for girls with the most used braids. In addition to being very attractive because it has a flower shape. The steps to follow for this cute hairstyle for little girls are as follows.

The following steps are these:

  • The first thing you should do is separate the hair in two to make a ponytail, leave the front part of hair loose and then comb it well to untangle it.
  • We recommend spraying some water to make it flat.
  • It is time to take a section at the top, divide it into three parts and make a Dutch braid.
  • You must start braiding to the ends and then start turning the braid on itself.
  • Keep adding hair from both sides.
  • Pick up the hair from the front of the face and brush it from top to bottom.
  • Finally, you should gently pull the rest of the loose hair next to the braid and make a regular braid, to secure it with a band.
  • Once it is ready, you just have to drag it and turn it. Hold it firm with the help of the forks.

Halo braid

Halo braid
Cute hairstyles with braids.

It is one of the best easy little girl hairstyles step by step we will explain. By including a halo braid will make the little girl hairstyle look very beautiful, this hairstyle for long hair will look angelic in your little one. The steps to follow to do this cute hairstyle for long hair are the following.

Follow the steps below:

  • The first thing you should do is a lateral division and pull a thick section of the hair to the side, to separate it into three strands.
  • It is time to start braiding the section that crosses each filament over the middle thread. You should make sure you pull the strands of hair tight enough so that the braid is tight.
  • Continue braiding down along the hairline and move towards the ear.
  • You must pull the strands of each side again as you go forward and lower everything, to the bottom of the braid.
  • If there are loose threads or loose scales, you should only apply a little hairspray.

Hairstyles for little girls with suspenders

Among the collected cute hairstyles for girls kids, are the following:

High tail with bow

cute hairstyles for kids
Cute hairstyles for kids.

It is one of the most used cute hairstyles for little girls kids. Besides that, it is very easy to do and does not require much time on your part. You just have to make a high ponytail and decorate it with a bow of your choice. You also have total freedom to choose the size of the loop.

2020 little girl cute hairstyles

Here are the most beautiful and cute easy hairstyles for little girls step by step!

Here we offer you many ideas of little girl’s hairstyles 2020 designed for different occasions, quick and simple looks to be made in a few moves. We have selected for you many beautiful hairstyles for girls for ceremonies, communion, confirmation, and weddings, but also easy-to-copy styles for school, do-it-yourself hairstyles for straight or curly hair, long or short. Discover with us the photos and tutorials of the most beautiful and cute hairstyles for little girls spring summer 2020!

Little girl hairstyles pictures

little girl hairstyles
little girl hairstyles.
hairstyles for girl with braids
hairstyles for a girl with braids.
little girl hairstyles with braids
Kids hairstyles for girls.
toddler hairstyles girl
toddler hairstyles girl.
little girl hairstyles braids
little girl hairstyles braids.
little girl hairstyle pictures
Little girl hairstyle pictures.
Easy little girl hairstyles step by step
Easy little girl hairstyles step by step.
Cute little girl hairstyles easy
Cute little girl hairstyles easy.

Now that you know the different cute hairstyles for little girls and easy hairstyles for girlsshort or long hair, it’s time to start practicing to master the practice in them.

Enjoy making your little girl cute hairstyles remember that the practice makes the teacher, you will see that soon you will already have a great variety that you will have learned to do if you follow the instructions of the little girl hairstyles step by step make your little one can wear different every day!

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