Causes For Hair Loss in Women

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Caring for your hair, especially for a woman, is a very important part of life. However, facing hair fall is inevitable no matter how healthy your hair is. 

There are quite a number of reasons to experience hair loss such as it is a family trait where you experience hair thinning and baldness through generations. It could also be because of excess hair styling and treatments, or even be a health complication. Even hormonal off-balance and environmental factors can lead to hair loss. 

These are only a few possible explanations causing you to wonder what causes hair loss in women. Lucky for you, we have discussed more about it further down below for your better understanding. 


What Causes Hair Loss in Women? 

Hair fall in women can be caused by a number of factors that you may not have unexpected at times. Any alteration in the female body whether it is hormonal or because of hair treatments could likely result in hair loss. 

Some possible reasons for hair loss in women are as follows – 


Family history and heredity play a crucial role in terms of determining hair density and growth in a woman. If baldness runs in your family, there is quite literally nothing you can do to prevent it or manage hair fall. In most cases, you may experience chronic loss of hair or mild balding as you begin to age. This is a condition known as Androgenic Alopecia

Androgenic alopecia is a common disease for both males and females and can make its appearance over time and gradually. You will most likely notice a gradual and minimally receding hairline at the beginning which intensifies over time as you age. Receding hairline due to heredity typically starts at the forefront of the head and begins to go back to the center of the head and intensifies over time. 

Although taking supplements and medications can help control the situation if the shedding is extreme, however, it can not be a long-term solution. Even seeking medical attention or treatments for family traits such as hair loss in women can prove difficult to tame the problem. This is why, if heredity is the cause of hair loss in women in the family, it is best to stick to consistent and regular supplement intake, treatments, and hair care. 

Heat Damage 

One of the most notable reasons for hair loss in a woman is because of heat damage. Anything from blow drying, using flat irons, curling rods, or using extremely hot water can be the cause for your hair loss. 

Using heat to style your hair can be the cause of your hair turning dry, brittle, and damaged. Such hairs are most likely to lose their moisture, become frizzy and unmanageable, therefore, tend to break off of the strand. 

To prevent hair from becoming dry, damaged, brittle, and losing moisture, using a heat protectant can help significantly. Applying a heat protectant spray, or cream can help the hair from losing moisture while ensuring you are still able to style your hair as you please. 

Not only do these products help retain moisture, but they also allow your heated hairstyle to last longer than usual while being protected from becoming frizzy and unmanageable. 

Applying heat directly to your hair can cause your scalp to become inflamed and engorged. An irritated scalp could also cause major hair loss and even cause the hair follicles to enclose and prevent growth. 

Heating tools aren’t the only detrimental factor preventing hair growth as taking a shower with really hot water can also be damaging for your hair. It could lead to wiping away the healthy natural oil from the scalp making it too dry for healthy hair follicles and growth. 

Hair Treatments 

Hair treatments such as hair colors, keratin treatments, rebonding, perming, and using other chemical treatments can easily and most definitely be the reason for hair loss in women. 

Coloring your hair involves using harsh chemicals that are extremely unhealthy and stripping off your hair. Using bleach or products containing ammonia is solely responsible for the downfall of any type of hair. 

This is because such products can and will permanently alter the pH level of your hair and cause them to either fall off of the root or break off from the middle of the strand. 

While treatments like keratin and rebonding can make the hair appear shiny, sleek, voluminous, and manageable, the products that go into treating the hair contribute to no such results. This means the products and chemicals that are being used on the hair and the scalp of a client are extremely harmful to the hair in the long run. 

The high temperature used by the flat iron to straighten the hair causes the hair to be stripped of healthy oil and moisture. Thus, leading to breakage. 

Perming, on the other hand, is more damaging to one’s hair than some other treatments. This is because perming requires the hairs to be forcefully coiled up and permanently alters the shape and texture of your hair. Hence, more dry, damaged, brittle hair that increases hair fall. 

How Does Red Light Therapy Help With Hair Loss? 

Red light therapy has managed to become quite popular with people who are trying to find a solution to their hair loss and prevent balding. This is a safe and reliable treatment you can opt for without any hesitation as you will most likely notice certain changes after a few sessions.

Here is how this therapy helps with hair loss and why it has become so popular – 

No Side Effects 

Red light therapy is one of the best forms of therapy to exist. No matter what you are using it for, you can rest assured knowing it will always help you see some form of noticeable improvement from before. 

Red light therapy is also recommended by doctors and other medical professionals for certain issues as it comes with zero side effects. Even when red light therapy is used for hair fall and hair regeneration, you can rest assured knowing you will certainly receive results without the fear of any negative side effects. 

Not only that but even after multiple sessions of having to wear the red light therapy cap, you will not experience any health risks or danger to your health. 

There are quite a variety of light therapies available that work very differently from one another. Some options for light therapy involve green light therapy, blue light therapy, yellow light therapy, and of course, near-infrared light therapy. 

All of these are quite popular and work rather impressively well. Most of these are also recommended by doctors and are performed at various salons or by aestheticians. 

The reason this red light therapy is so popular compared to the others is because of how it has evidently helped with hair growth, slowed down hair loss, and promoted more production of hair follicles. 

Being free from any side effects and danger to the skin or the brain since the cap is put on the head, it has definitely become quite popular and effective at what it does. 

Stimulates Mitochondria and Promotes Better Blood Flow 

The benefits of red light therapy are highly reliable and proven to be effective in terms of longevity without having any side effects or health risks. When this red light therapy is taken for hair regrowth and regeneration, you will be required to put on a head cap with LED lights that are emitted at just the right wavelength, strength, and intensity. Depending on the severity of your hair loss, the wavelengths will vary in order to stimulate the mitochondria in the cells. 

This stimulation of the mitochondria, better known as the powerhouse of the cell, is responsible for better blood flow. As a result, the more blood flow you have, the better the chances are of hairs being regrown. 

Mitochondria in the cell are responsible for providing the body with energy and the ability to survive and help heal wounds and are even responsible for hair growth. When the red light is emitted at just the precise wavelength the movement and motion in the mitochondria drastically increases. 

This increase in movement causes the blood from the heart to circulate all over the body at an adequately higher speed. As the blood flow increases, over time, after having taken multiple sessions of the red light therapy, you should notice somewhat of a development in terms of hair regrowth.

You are most likely to also notice hair follicles opening up, baby hairs growing out, and an overall healthy resurfacing of your hair. 

Promotes and Regenerates Hair Growth With Safety 

Wavelengths for red light therapy tend to vary from person to person based on their needs and requirements. Regardless of the intensity of the red light, you can rest assured knowing you will definitely notice some form of development and witness hair regeneration. 

Since red light therapy has been proven to have no side effects on your hair, it has become the go-to hair treatment to promote hair growth for most women regardless of their age and conditions. 

Unlike any other form of hair treatment, red light therapy involves no heated treatment, no chemicals let alone the involvement of any harsh chemicals, and there is no alteration done to the hair or its texture. 

All of these have been considered to be primarily responsible for hair fall in women. That said, as this method of treatment involves no involvement of any such actions yet is good for hair regeneration, it is inevitably one of the favorite treatments people gravitate towards. 

Red light therapy naturally increases blood flow to the scalp when emitted at a precise wavelength and intensity. It is a lengthy process but upon multiple sessions of treatment, you should notice evident regeneration of the hair without compromising hair health.

Bottom Line 

Hair fall is quite a common problem in this day and age due to different health complications, environmental changes, and pollution too. There are so many different reasons why a woman or anyone, in general, may experience hair loss. 

Luckily, there are certain treatments and procedures you could look at and consider to help manage the situation for you. Treatments like red light therapy could be quite helpful that works without any side effects. 

However, if you are trying to minimize hair fall, be aware of how you style and use heating tools on them. This is because if you are wondering what causes hair loss in women, then hair products and heating tools come to the forefront for the cause of it. 

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