6 Facts and Benefits of Biotin for Hair Growth

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We all want to have long and healthy hair. We also strive to find the best ways to do this, such as using natural oils, applying hair mixtures, using effective cosmetics such as shampoo and conditioner for hair intensification. However, many may overlook the essential elements of hair growth and intensification, Biotin.

Many people do not know enough about Biotin, or vitamin H. It is one of the essential nutrients to strengthen hair follicles and increase hair growth. Whether you eat it through diet or as a dietary supplement, you first need to know the health benefits of Biotin for your hair, its most important sources of food, and the right dosages for you.

Therefore, we have gathered in the following article the most basic facts about what is Biotin and its most important benefits for hair growth.

benefits of biotin for hair


What is Biotin?

Biotin, vitamin H, or vitamin B7 is a compound vitamin B derivative of water-soluble vitamins. Biotin is available in many food sources, as well as some tablets and supplements for people with low body mass. The importance of vitamin B7 in increasing red blood cells within the body, and also helps the growth of new cells within the body. It also helps to speed blood flow towards hair follicles and roots.

Biotin benefits for hair growth and nail strengthening:

Biotin helps promote hair growth and increase its density. It is also one of the essential elements for strengthening nails as well. It helps prevent the weakness and fragility of hair and nails. Taking Biotin, along with other nutrients, ensures you get healthy, strong hair more intense. Biotin-rich shampoos are also available in markets to increase hair growth.

Biotin-rich food sources:

Biotin is available in many foods such as peanuts, eggs, leafy vegetables, red meat, oily fish such as salmon and tuna. It is also available in brown rice, oatmeal, and avocado. Dairy products and poultry are also rich sources of Biotin.

The necessary doses of Biotin:

The body needs a daily dose of Biotin estimated at 2500 micrograms to get long and healthy hair. Half (1250 micrograms) is recommended during breakfast and the other half (1250 micrograms) during dinner for two consecutive weeks.

However, be careful not to take supplements of Biotin, excessive intake may cause many health problems and side effects.

Does Biotin Help to soften curly hair?

Biotin does not help to soften curly hair, but it promotes growth and increases its density. It certainly gives you a healthy look for strong hair. But Biotin is known as an effective treatment for damaged hair, helping to strengthen it and improve its appearance. In just two weeks, you will notice healthy, brighter hair.

How do you get the best results after using Biotin?

Hair growth after intake of biotin supplements depends on several factors, including metabolic rate, daily activity level, diet, and amount of drinking water. If you have decided to take Biotin to get long, healthy hair, it is not advisable to start with large doses. Know well that Biotin has many health and aesthetic benefits like skin radiance, nail strengthening, hair growth as well. Biotin tablets are not a magic treatment that gives you long hair in a day, but it takes some patience to achieve the desired results.

Biotin benefits for hair growth

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