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6 Haircuts That Most Favor Women Over 50

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Do you want to know what is the best hairstyle for a 50-year-old woman? Because turning years does not mean giving up fashion or style, we show you the 6 best haircuts for older women.

Being (and feeling) perfect no matter how old you are is attitude and small gestures. We talk about safety, care, and knowing what suits us best and what we are most comfortable with. But what is clear is that there are no rules about how to dress or comb your hair after 50 or 60 years beyond following your instinct. And in a matter of haircuts from the age of 50, the same thing happens.

As for our hair, we must know that it also changes as we get older, like everything else. During this time of hormonal changes, hair loses collagen and frizzes more easily. If we add the dyes and products that we have used over the years, the hair loses its natural shine. From the age of 50, it is not only important to bet on good skin cream but also that you invest in shampoos, masks, and serums that help your hair stay hydrated.


Best haircuts for older women 2022

Many haircuts and hairstyles can be worn from 50, from the most classic to other more daring, depending on your taste. We leave you some of the most demanded haircuts for older women, and we tell you how to get and maintain them.

Now you just have to choose your favorite cut.

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Cindy Crawford’s wavy brown hair

Cindy Crawford's wavy brown hair

Cindy Crawford, at 54, keeps the same hair with which she became popular. The former model does not want to give up one of her hallmarks, and the truth is that it looks great on her. If you want to wear long hair, think that from the age of 50, you will need extra pampering and care, so invest in quality products that nourish your hair.

Monica Belluci’s mini hair

Monica Belluci's mini hair

At 55 years old, Monica Belluci recently cut her long hair and opted for a super flattering cut. Round hair to the jaw with the side parting is perfect for softening the features and instant ‘lifting’ effect.

Elle McPherson’s blonde hair with California highlights

Elle McPherson's blonde hair with California highlights

At 56 years old, Elle Mcpherson continues to bet on the long blonde hair with California highlights that gave her so much fame. If you don’t want to give up the length of your hair either, you should take care of it with extra protection since mature hair loses shine and density. Invest in quality products that help you get it back.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ natural pixie

Jamie Lee Curtis' natural pixie

Janet Leigh’s daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, at 61, continues to bet on short hair, the same one she has been wearing for quite some time. The ‘pixie’ cut can be very comfortable, but if you decide to wear it like that, it is not synonymous with forgetting to take care of it. A monthly visit to the hairdresser at least to keep the cut at bay is essential. As for the color, the actress decided to show off her natural gray hair a long time ago. If you are also thinking of doing the same, invest in specific shampoos to tone the silver and prevent it from yellowing.

Sharon Stone’s versatile mane

Sharon Stone's versatile mane

She is one of the beauty icons of Hollywood; Sharon Stone, at 62 years old, continues to awaken passions and remind us that beauty has no age. The protagonist of ‘Basic Instinct’ has been wearing a very versatile blonde bob for years, with which she can play various styles. Combed back with volume, slicked or loose. It is one of the most popular hairstyles from 50 years old because it conceals the lack of density and favors almost all faces.

The natural ‘clavicut’ cut by Carmen Dell’Orefice

The natural 'clavicut' cut by Carmen Dell'Orefice

The 84-year-old model Carmen Dell’Orefice opts for one of the most fashionable and flattering cuts of this season, the ‘clavicle, a mane at the height of the clavicle that greatly favors all types of faces. She prefers to go from coloring and keeping her natural silver color, a highly recommended option that more and more older women are putting into practice.

Best haircuts for older women:


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