2022 Pretty Hairstyles for Baby Girls 0-2 Year old

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Are you the mother of a beautiful baby between 0 and 24 months? Then you don’t need us to tell you how difficult it can be to create baby girl hairstyles or hair system daily. If you’re craving something new and fun to try, as well as quick and easy to put together, this time we bring you pretty baby hairstyles for girls that you are sure to love and want to do to your little one.

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Your baby is growing rapidly during the first year and you will surely want to create an album for her and take lots of photos every month or every day with the clothes you put on her.

As you have seen, not all newborns are born without hair, some are even born with a thick lock of hair. While some babies come out with perfectly styled locks, others have rather spiky hair, for those you will also see beautiful baby girl hairstyle ideas.

No one knows why some babies are born with lots of hair, although experts think it probably has something to do with maternal hormones and the genetic lottery. If your baby is one of the lucky ones, then these ideas will suit you like a glove, you can also make these hairstyles for your baby for the christening, for when they go to a family party, and to be the center of everyone’s attention.

Baby girl hairstyles 2022

baby girl hairstyles 2020
Baby girl hairstyles 2022

1 – One-year-old baby girl hairstyle with bow clip

baby girl hairstyle

This baby girl hairstyle is one of the most tender and subtle out there. If your little girl has little hair, it does not matter, you can comb the fringe a little to one side and hold it with a bow clip.

The bow can be combined with the clothes you have on that day, it will reflect tenderness to the maximum.

2 – Double clip baby hairstyles

baby girl hairstyles for short hair

If your little girl has hair a little longer than the baby in the first photo, then you can combine a double clip with different accessories to highlight the cuteness to the maximum.

Remember that babies are already very cute, so the fewer accessories they have, the prettier they will look. It doesn’t take that much.

3 – 6 Month baby hairstyles with flower

Baby hairstyle with flower

The little flowers for girls are the perfect ensemble for both clothes and baby hair accessories. In this case, let your baby have her hair down and put on a flower accessory in a color that makes her tenderness stand out even more and that matches the little dress she is wearing.

4 – Double braid with bow

hairstyle for baby girl

If your little girl is lucky and has plenty of hair, you can play a little more with her hair then.

It’s a nice baby girl hairstyle, you can have all of your baby hair collected in the double braiding that comes from the front of the head and joins two bows, one on each side. To decorate, a bow for each bow to make the hairstyle more tender, beautiful, and delicate.

5 – Two pigtails with bows

9 month old baby girl hairstyles

For babies who have not so much hair, not so little, the two ponytails are the most beautiful thing you will see, your little girl will look much more tender and you will want to eat her with kisses.

With the two collections, your baby’s hair will look very playful, because as the hair is fine, it will be pointed. With the bows, it will give just the right touch to make it a very cute baby hairstyle.

6 – Two onion style pigtails

baby hairstyles 2020

A more sporty or casual baby girl hairstyle, we love it, and they are the two ponytails in the bun style.

It is very easy, you just have to divide the hair into two halves and make the ponytails high, however, before removing the last round of hair, leave it in half so that the round buns remain.

7 – Two natural pigtails for 9-month baby girl

Hairstyle for babies

Little hair, but your baby still has something. It does not matter, with two rubber bands, make two small collections and the magic and tenderness will be seen by themselves in the smile of your baby when you finish this beautiful kid’s hairstyle.

8 – Cute & funny pointed ponytail

baby hairstyle girl

We love this hairstyle, it is one of the funniest there is, and in the photo, we can assure you that your baby will look the same. With a single ponytail, due to the small amount of hair, it will be pointed, cute and funny. It will be time to take thousands of photos of your baby.

9 – Two pigtails divided with rubber bands

2 years baby hair style

A fun and colorful baby girl hairstyle, you can use rubber bands of various colors in each ponytail. We love it because it is perfect when it is hot and summer.

10 – Leave curls natural for 1-year-old

hairstyle for your baby

And if you don’t want to do any hairstyle for your baby girl because she naturally has spectacular hair, that’s more than fine. And, if you have curls, even more. Let your baby’s curly or wavy hair move on its own and shine naturally.

11 – Short crest hairstyle for 6-month-old baby

baby girl hairstyles for short hair

If your little one has little hair, but a lot on top, make her a rocker with a short crest now. It will look super cool and funny! Use a little water, a little hypoallergenic hair gel, or baby styling cream.

12 – Spiky baby hairstyles girl

Spiky hairstyle for baby

Otherwise, if your baby has a lot of hair and you are going to take it to the hairdresser, then take the opportunity to get a very cool and flirty spiky baby hairstyle.

13 – Long baby crest

baby hairstyle 2020

This time it is the long crest, use the same baby styling cream or baby hair gel to fix it. Your baby is going to rock in the cutest and most beautiful way possible.

14 – Pointed ponytail

Hairstyles for baby girls

If you want to give your baby a funny, homemade hairstyle, for when you take the photos while he is lying in his crib or with you in bed, the spiky ponytail is the best. It will look fun, cool, and very beautiful.

15 – Bad hair day

Babies can have bad hair days too! We recommend regular combing and using cotton pillowcases to soothe your hair.

16 – Blonde baby hairstyles

You can prevent blonde babies from covering their faces by parting their wavy hair in the middle.

17 – Use tiny clasps

You should always use safe, tiny, and colorful hairpins to collect your baby’s hair.

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