African American Wedding Hairstyles 2022

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Every woman’s wedding day is one of the most important days of her life. For this special occasion, we want the perfect thing, the wedding dress, the makeup, the wedding hairstyles, and accessories must be unique and unforgettable. Today I would like to turn your attention to  African American wedding hairstyles.

Modern hair trends in 2022 of diversity and sports naturalnesses. A wide variety of hairstyles is available for color brides, including protective hairstyles with hair extensions, natural curling hairstyles, and terse afro hairstyles. To make the look perfectly fit the wedding’s mood, you can go for other bridal accessories like white flowers, hair, jewelry accessories. It all depends on the style of the wedding ceremony and the dress.

If you are an African American bride, you might have a little trouble finding the perfect hairstyle. African American hair is often quite thick and curly and can sometimes be challenging to manage. However, types such as finger waves or up-dos can enhance the natural beauty of your hair. The famous wedding hairstyles pictures below will help you choose the direction of the style that you will love to choose for this memorable day.


African American wedding hairstyles

The black girl now has the freedom to wear her natural hair in contemporary trends proudly. Thus, curly hair texture can be transformed into a classy French braid or an updo.

African American natural wedding hairstyles

Black wedding hairstyles with flowers

One of the best solutions to transform any hairstyle into a wedding look is the use of flowers. For the summer you can experiment with natural flowers, while in winter the artificial ones will also do it. You can try pure white roses, or you can play with pastel colors that will create magnificent summer bridal hairstyles.

African American Wedding Hairstyles with flowers

Hairstyles with Jewelry Pieces

Another good option for brides to be is jewelry. You can wear an effortless hairstyle and add a piece of jewelry that turns you into a princess. Just be sure not to apply a lot of sparkly stone hats, which may look tacky.

African American Wedding Hairstyles with Jewelry

Down-do wedding hairstyles for black women

On the wedding day, we know we will have to give up everything for a flawless look. So why not straighten tight natural curls and turn them into a more elegant down-do hairstyle.

Downdo wedding hairstyles for black women

Wedding hairstyles for African American short hair

Many great minds believe that simplicity is the key to everything. That’s why you can forget about hours of styling and go for the simplest and most natural hairstyle ever – natural short afro hair. You can add a white veil and increase your natural curls.

Wedding hairstyles for African American short hair

Bridal styles for African American girls

Due to their high activity level and pain associated with styling hair, African American girls can find it challenging to keep their hair properly groomed. The task of looking beautiful while attending a wedding can be incredibly hard. There are many bridal hairstyles you will sport at your wedding and create with minor pain and stress.

Finger waves

Finger waves are a popular hairstyle worn by many women in the 1920s. This classic and elegant hairstyle is very versatile and can even work on thick hair. If your hair is curly, have your hair straightened before completing the process. To achieve this hairstyle for your wedding, use a comb, gel, and own hands to create the waves. As this process takes a long time, enlist a stylist or friend to help you. Once the waves have formed, toss the rest of the hair into a sleek side ponytail or bun.

Finger waves wedding hairstyle for black woman

Until two

Many different up-dos complement African-American hair and intricate braids twisted into a braided updo can be a great wedding hairstyle. You can create two soft waves using a hot iron or using a chemical straightening process, as shown in bridal magazines. Add a floral headband or beaded headband to your updo for an added touch.

until two hairstyle

Elegant side bun

If your hair is typically straight, but it is too thick for an updo or wavy, try a classy side knot. Part the hair on one side and pull it into a very soft knot at the opposite side’s base. Ensure the hair appears smooth and shiny, and secure the bun with a flower or another decoration.

Elegant side bun

Afro Puff

The hairstyle can be done without any heating apparatus and is easy to do. You only need a good hair elastic, a brush, a decorative bow, and hydrating oil like glitter rose oil to create a wedding-worthy Afro puff.

Afro Puff wedding hairstyle

The first step in this hairstyle is to make sure your hair is clean and well-conditioned. If you have time, use cholesterol conditioning to make sure your hair is even easier to manage. Once the hair is damp, apply the rose oil and brush the hair in an Afro puff in the center of the back of the head, then tape the elastic band to it. Let the hair air dry, then cup the Afro puff as much as possible. When your hair is dry, you can add a decorative floral headband to the Afro puff.


Considering that black women are born with curly hair, they can use their curls to their advantage at their wedding. Curls are a popular choice among brides who spend hours getting their hair curled for the big day. If your hair is naturally curly, apply the product to enhance the curls’ shine and shape. You can also push your hair back with a tiara or use ornate hair clips for an added touch. Both long and short hairs suit this style.

wedding Curls

Curly curls

This wedding hairstyle for girls will require some planning and advanced work. To create a full head of kinky curls, you must first create a braided hairstyle. You should wash and condition your hair two days before the wedding. While your hair is still wet, separate it into two-inch sections and twist two strands in each area. Let dry naturally. On the morning of the wedding, draw the turns with your fingers, and you will have a head full of wavy spirals. If the hair is long, hang it on its own, and you can only add a hairband. If the hair is short, you can defend it a little. To dress flat, you can twist the front and hollow out the back with your fingers. Add some bobby pins with gemstones on them to the front twists.

Curly Curls Black Women Hairstyles

Bun hairstyles for wedding

A simple hair bun with bangs or loose hair will be pretty and easy to maintain at the back. After washing and conditioning the hair, use a hand dryer and comb to straighten the hair slightly. You can bang your head an inch forward or behind, depending on your preference. Some people do both. Use hair rollers to hold the curls in this section of hair. Spread the rest of the hair into a bun at the back or top of the head. Twist the hair into a bun and use a barrette to hold it in place gently. Add some flowers or decorations to the bread. Take the hair rollers out before the wedding.

African American wedding bun hairstyles


For African American girls, cornrows are a daily hairstyle. Still, you can dress them up for a wedding by braiding them thinner than usual and making a fancy design like swirls or where the braids would lay straight. Make the hairstyle more luxurious by curling the ends of the corn rolls and adding jeweled hairpins.

African American wedding Cornrows

Press and Curl

Those days of a hot iron sitting on the fire and almost burning our hair straight are long gone. If you blow-dry your hair and use a flat iron, you can get a gentle press and curl effect. Curl the hair after straightening with a flat iron. If your hair is African American, you can achieve Shirley Temple curls using a flat iron with a heat protection product. To shape the ends under, you need an elastic with you as the loops can fall out, and you can fluff the hair based on the weather or activity level.

african american bridal hairstyles

Two turns of thread

The hairstyle needs to be done a day or two before the wedding. It can last one to two weeks afterward. Start with clean, flat-ironed hair and straighten it a little. Next, part the hair into two sections and twist two strands per section. It is a beautiful, natural African American wedding hairstyle that will allow you to show your length without looking messy or out of touch at the end of the day. Wear a headband that matches your dress.

wedding hairstyles for african american hair

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